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Since so many missed this in Feb, we decided to do it again.

Come join Ernie Atwell and Dave Siler, as we discuss true events that happened to us and show evidence. This is an interactive with audience participation.

• Important to know
Paranormal Inc. consists of Ernie Atwell and Dave Siler.
We are both former members of The Paranormal Research of Maryland

I started investigating the Paranormal on a regular basis in 2004 after continuous research on this field since childhood.
In 2000, I encountered a Paranormal occurrence that made me step up my research that much more, which led to the point in my research, where I needed to start Investigating as part of my research.

In 2012, I became an investigator with the Paranormal Research of Maryland.
In later part of 2015, I recommended Paranormal Investigator and Tech Specialist, Dave Siler to P.RO.M, where he became a team member and Investigator.

In late summer of 2017, I decided to step away from P.R.O.M and embark on a Solo Project.
In discussions with Dave Siler, Dave decided to step away from the group as well and be the Lead Tech Specialist for the Solo Project
This was the start of Paranormal Inc.

Our main priority is to help those who are experiencing Paranormal Activity on a personal basis.
We look not to only help those clients but help the Spirit World as well.

During the attendance of Seminar's , lectures and Expo's , our goal is to educate the public and Paranormal Enthusiasts in the Field of the Spirit World and Paranormal Investigating.

Paranormal Inc. is constantly working on and researching new Theories and experiments to validate that the Paranormal does exist.