What we're about

We are now an event based group. With summer and travel, we have not met in 3 weeks. I will post when an event is planned. You are welcome to have an idea or suggestion.

Anyone that would like to work on affirmations on a regular basis, I am in and will open my home. Let me know. I journal frequently and have constant affirmations to improve my life.

My vision for this experience is an improvement in health, vitality, diet, exercise and a more active social life, I personally ate my way out of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. I have now reversed the dis-ease and enjoy a pain free day, every day.

I enjoy a healthy diet, need to exercise more, would like to meet more people. I study illness or dis-ease and look for alternative ways to rid myself and others of the malady.

How about a walk in the park or maybe the mall if it is raining. Want to have lunch or visit a winery? How often do you want to meet? What are your interests, concerns.

Blessings, Love, Laughter and Light

Sharon Carol



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