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Improve your conversational language level with Language Exchange Stockholm!!!
We have regular events for practice of Swedish, Chinese, Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Finnish and Italian.

Thanks to all our volunteers who give up their time to help, the group has become a wonderful forum for practising languages and making new acquaintances. All our events are for free. Come and improve your fluency with the help of native speakers, and take active part of the group by helping other people who want to learn your language!

If you have any questions, you are welcome to send them to langexchsthlm@gmail.com.

Tips for conversation:
"Interested makes interesting"! If you ask others about them, it is much more likely that they will ask you about you too :-).
Try to ask about things that have to do their opinions, feelings, experiences, conceptions, etc, rather than dry fact. If, for instance, someone tells you that they have a university degree in something, it will be more giving for the conversation to ask why they chose that education or what they liked about it, rather than how many years it took or at what university they did it.


As from 2023, this group is financed by Dahlbergs språktjänster. You're very welcome to contact me, if you're interested in any of our services:
- Private Swedish lessons
- Translation from Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or English to Swedish
- Proof reading of texts in Swedish or English.

Best regards
Simon Dahlberg

Upcoming events (4+)

Fransk-svenskt språkkafé | Conversation Français-Suédoise

Vi välkomnar dig att delta i denna Svensk/Franska språkgrupp.

En timme på franska och en timme på svenska. Alla nivåer är välkomna på både svenska och franska, det är ett tillfälle att öva och träffa nytt folk.
Vi kommer hålla till på hotell Generator.


Nous vous invitons à participer à ce groupe linguistique suédois / français.

Une heure en suédois et une heure en français. Tous les niveaux sont les bienvenus en suédois et en français, c'est une occasion de pratiquer et de rencontrer de nouvelles personnes. L'événement se déroulera au Generator.

Español-Sueco conversación | Spanska-Svenska

Teaterbaren Kulturhuset 2rd floor

La idea es charlar, pasarla bien y aprender algo uno del otro.
Empezamos con 45 minutos de español, y seguimos con 45 min de sueco.

Se espera que cada participante tenga por lo menos un nivel básico de los dos idiomas, saber presentarse.

Para asegurar que el lugar sea disponible en el futuro, solicitamos que cada participante consuma algo en el café.


Grupo para comunicarse: https://chat.whatsapp.com/HeD1UpM6Xl1IvrB7oGLIP9


Tanken är att ta en fika, ha det trevligt, och lära sig någonting av varandra.
Vi börjar med 45 minuter spanska, och fortsätter sedan 45 minuter svenska.

Varje deltagare förväntas ha åtminstone baskunskaper i bägge språken, kunna presentera sig.

För att säkerställa att platsen står till vårt förfogande även i framtiden, ombeds alla deltagare att köpa något i kafét.


Intermediate ENGLISH

Espresso House Concert Hall

Welcome to the Sunday group for intermediate level English. This is a casual conversation group where people who want to improve their English can come, chat and have a coffee (or another beverage, if you so desire). There will be no set topic or structure to the meeting aside from coming to the cafe and chatting about whatever's on your mind.

Advanced and native speakers are also welcome to come and help out. It should be noted that helpers are not expected to be teachers, however, if you have some questions I'm sure they will be more than willing to try to help you out.

Please be considerate to other members by keeping your RSVPs up to date and attending events when you indicate that you will.

If you're on the waiting list, please check your status in case you've been moved up to the Attendees list.

Remote Advanced SWEDISH conversation

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Welcome to the regular Sunday Swedish group at an advanced level.

During the Coronavirus pandemic this group is held remotely by videoconference and the open-source app Jitsi through the servers of big Swedish webhosting provider Loopia.



NOTE!!! This meetup is intended for people at an ADVANCED level of Swedish. This means you should at the very least be able to keep a simple conversation in the Swedish language (perfection not necessary; we meet to learn) and be able to follow most of what is being said in a Swedish news broadcast. If you are not at this level, go to the beginner or intermediate groups instead.

Everybody will be able to practice the Swedish language with other people willing to do the same. This will be achieved through conversation on current topics which will assist in making sure there is always something to talk about.

After this advanced group, you are more than welcome to help with the intermediate and basic groups: helping people who are looking for words, correcting them when they make mistakes... or just speak with them.
Note that helpers are not teachers, everybody in the group should help the discussion running.

Feel free to bring any ideas of input with you, topics for discussion, questions, or any language game you may think may work...

Please be considerate of other members by keeping your RSVPs up to date and attending events when you indicate that you will.

If you're on the waiting list, please check your status in case you've been moved up to the Attendees list.

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Conversazione italiano-svedese | Italiensk-svenskt språkkafé

Piadina Söderhallarna

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