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AI Meetup (Silicon Valley): AIOps, Prompt Engineering

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AI Meetup (Silicon Valley): AIOps, Prompt Engineering


Welcome to our in-person AI/ML meetup in Silicon Valley, in collaboration with JPMorgan Chase. Join us for deep dive tech talks on AI/ML/Data, food/drink, networking with speakers & peers developers, and win lucky draw prizes.

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Agenda (PDT):
* 5:00pm~5:30pm: Checkin, Food/drink and networking
* 5:30pm~5:40pm: Welcome/community update/Sponsor intro
* 5:40pm~7:30pm: Tech talks
* 7:30pm~8:00pm: Open discussion, Lucky draw & Mixer

Tech Talk 1: AIOps – Leveraging AI to Improve Operational Efficiency and Productivity
Speaker: Guangjing Chen, Senior Manager @JPMorgan Chase
Abstract: This talk will introduce how JPMorgan Chase is leveraging AI to improve efficiency and productivity of our day to day internal operation, and reduce IT cost at large scale. We use different modeling including NLP, time series model for various use cases.

Tech Talk 2: Prompt Engineering 101
Speaker: Apporva Jaiswal, Applied AI ML Associate @JPMorgan Chase
Abstract: “ChatGPT” and “Prompt Engineering” have become the most talked about terms in tech. Prompts are human language queries that are used to probe a large language model (LLM) called ChatGPT (short for Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer). The goal of prompt engineering is to provide sufficient context in the “ask” to optimize the queried results. In this talk, I will discuss prompt engineering techniques, as well as share lessons learned. Join us for a beginner to intermediate level journey!

Tech Talk 3&4: TBD

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