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What we’re about

Anyone interested in getting together to play some trad Irish music?
All instruments welcome. These will be slower sessions.
If you are an advanced player this may not be the group for you but you are most welcome to join but just bring your patience for us not quite beginner/not quite intermediate musicians. All expertise welcome to help the group too :)
If you are a beginner feel free to join but note these are not teaching sessions.

Where: right now this will need to be in some quite corner of a park with mask wearing (where possible) and social distancing.

People can choose sets during the session in the normal manner.
Some set ideas:
Humours of Glendart/Saddle the Pony/Tobin's Favourite
Jerry's Beaver Hat/Kesh/Rambling Pitchfork
Jim Ward's Jig/Blarney Pilgrim/The Cook in the Kitchen
Lark in the Morning/Humours of Ennistymon/Wandering Minstrel
Dusty Windowsills/Cliffs of Moher/Rose in the Heather
Sonny Murray's Hornpipe/Home Ruler/Kitty's Wedding
Boys of Bluehill/Cork Hornpipe/Cronin's Hornpipe
Brosna Slide/O'Keefe's Slide/Denis Murphy's Slide
Ballydesmond Polka No. 2/Ballydesmond Polka No. 1/Peg Ryan's
Britches Full of Stitches/Armagh Polka/Ballydesmond No. 3
Sweeney's Polka/Denis Murphy's Polka/Maggie in the Wood
Little Diamond Polka/Murroe Polka/Maids of Ardath
Boyne Hunt/Shannon Breeze/Red Haired Lass
Maid Behind the Bar/Kilmaley/Green Mountain