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You are invited to join us for networking conversations over lunch with local IT professionals, mobile apps dc, webmasters, business owners, investors, co-founders and others who could refer business to you or invite you to be part of a business team and/or just to meet to chat and learn from prospects of diverse backgrounds to understand where clients are coming from for greater long term success. These events are great for practicing skills required to build business ventures and develop mutually supportive and beneficial client and team relationships. These community building skills as just as important for your overall success as a manager or leader in the technology business or industry.


WHEN: 12:30PM TO 2:30PM on the third Sunday of each month. This is a monthly networking opportunity to meet people of all professions and backgrounds, to build your support network, your understanding of different background of prospective clients, practice marketing and networking skills for increasing your overall ability to motivate and keep clients happy and to realize your overall business and human potential. By participating in this event, you are also helping to build friendship and prosperity for Washington D.C.

The URL for this networking group is You will also meet participants from,, and other groups collaborating with us. Look forward to chat with you on 3rd Sundays at One Fish Asian Restaurant,  2423 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Wash. DC 20037 at 12:30PM! Thanks!

Note that this is NOT a Meetup group of ONLY IT professionals. If you are ONLY interested in talking shop with IT programmers and developers, this is NOT the event you are looking for because most attendees may not be IT techs or webmasters. They may own technology businesses, or invest in tech businesses or are people interested in networking with IT professionals to help bridge the digital and cultural divides. The nonprofit sponsor is looking for IT professionals to serve as mentors, coaches or advisory board members.

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This Washington DC group is for Web Designer/Developers and mobile apps developers with interest in networking, building online businesses and achieving one's Big Dream. We join together with similar groups which will meet at this same event for more new contacts, better networking, fun and mutual support.   RSVP and COME TO THE 3rd Sunday event and EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! (This event is not limited to IT professionals or web developers.)

These monthly community events provide opportunities to practice being accepting, happy and to develop more community allies for your project and to connect with others interested in similar topics.

A good way to diversify and get to know others better is to contribute some time to volunteer as a community builder and serve on the all volunteer Allies Team. It is the best way to build relationships which may be important for career references or your future ventures. The co-organizers of this group are looking for prospective web developers interested in participation and sharing tasks and revenues on new projects. Some may be invited to serve as "co-founders" at the perfect time. Some of the social entrepreneurial co-sponsors are sharing very valuable expertise and practical experience that have gained through building successful projects. Not only have they shared the best tools, websites, resources that they have used in their successful business, they have saved students so much time, in pointing them in the right direction. Co-organizers hope to work with other web and IT professionals interested in fulfilling their highest aspirations and willing to learn and share personal, IT and web development expertise.

Don't let your past stop you from moving ahead to become ALL you can be as social entrepreneurs/stakeholders as well as web developers. Thanks for your interest in collaborating and helping to build a beautiful community!

Please RSVP for this group and we look forward to see you at these 3rd Sunday 12:30PM to 2:30PM for social and business networking events! (This restaurant will let networkers stay after the program to dinner time for one-on-one conversations.) Invite your friends to meet you here at 

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