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Let's try various kinds of Japanese cultural experience with this meetup group!
We usually organize cultural experience with the event hosts who are expert of any Japanese cultural experience.

* We need the co-organizers or supporters!
If you are interested to organize the events or help for anything about the event, please tell Satoshi Abe!

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Todoroki Valley Tour Number 2! 等々力 See Fall Colors, Shrines, Temples & more!

Our Todoroki Valley Walk is so popular, the November 29th Meetup is now filled, so I've scheduled another tour for the rest of you! @}:^) Enjoy a refreshing, relaxing walk through "TODOROKI VALLEY" where cool waters flow...over waterfalls, around mossy rocks & beside trails in the Todoroki-Keikoku ravine, whose trees wear bright red, yellow & russet fall colors! 等々力 Todoroki means: "Sound of gushing water" TODOROKI is known as the last natural valley in Tokyo's 23-ku & was inhabited before long the Yayoi-era, when ancient people lived here, nearby above the Tama River. A popular tour each year, but even if you joined in the past, this time, we'll go to discover several AMAZING places you've never seen! (We have several NEW places to visit this year which I'll keep a SECRET for now, but you'll be delighted to see them if you love history, art, or Japanese traditional culture!) @}:^) We'll visit a lovely hilltop tea house surrounded by giant bamboo & stop for a friendly picnic lunch on the lawn overlooking the surrounding area! Later, we'll walk up past curious shrines, tinkling, fern-shrouded waterfalls & wonderful statues to a very fine Buddhist temple whose vermilion lamps & broad verandas will be surrounded by an astonishing display of beautiful autumn leaves! After leaving the valley, we'll walk down by the wide Tama river. To the south, we'll explore the stunning Sengen-jinja Shinto shrine which overlooks the river, providing fine views of Fuji-san on a clear day. Afterwards, we'll visit the Tamagawadai-koen & Tumulus Museum which was built to showcase the discoveries made in nearby Yayoi "kofun" burial mounds of ancient warrior nobles. (Yayoi: 200 BC-650 AD) (This time, our route & wonderful places we explore may vary!) @}:^) A poem in the “Manyoshu,” the eighth-century poetry anthology, sings the praises of the soft, rhythmic flow of the Tama & a lovely maiden washing cloth in the river. Fuchu, on the left bank of this part of the Tama, became the capital of Musashi Province long before the rise of Edo in the 17th century." (多摩川台公園古墳展示室) These wooded hills are a wonderful place to explore! SCHEDULE: MEETUP at Todoroki station at 11 am & leave promptly at 11;15 Don't be late, because we won't wait! With time out for breaks, lunch, museum, etc, our tour finishes between 3:30 & 4:00 pm, depending on the pace. On reaching Den-en-chofu (OR Kohombutsu) Station we'll end with snacks, drinks & conversation at a nearby cafe! BRING: Lunch & beverages (Or buy near Todoroki station BEFORE Meetup time.) Bring a jacket, rubber-soled walking shoes & a picnic sheet or cloth to sit on. COURSE: Todoroki Station -> Todoroki Valley -> Picnic spot (30 minute break for lunch and socializing) -> Todoroki-Fudosan (Buddhist temple) -> Walk along the Tama River -> Sengen shrine -> Tamagawa-dai Park & Ancient Tumulus (burial mound) Museum-> Horai Park -> Den-en-chofu Station. Distance: 6 kilometers or 2.5 -3 hours of easy walking, but NOT all at once. We'll be walking short sections, with lots of breaks! There's no set event fee, but ¥1000-¥2000 tips are appreciated. You may upload 10 of your best photos to our event page! @}:^) HIGHLIGHTS: TODOROKI FUDO-SAN: Extremely beautiful Buddhist Temple! TAMAGAWA SENGEN SHRINE: Built atop an ancient tomb, this elegant shrine was made by Hojo Masako as a place to pray for her husband Minamoto no Yoritomo's victory in battle. http://www.sengenjinja.info/top/index.htm KAMENOKOYAMA KOFUN: Built in 4th Century is the largest "zenpo-koen fun" (keyhole-shaped mound) in the Tama River basin. Measuring 107 meters long, it's a designated Historic Site. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kofun NOTE: Being late, a "no-show" or changing RSVPs after our deadline affects members & organizer, so please be kind! We'll wear masks & act sensibly, of course, but still have great fun! Thanks, your organizer, Kerry D. @}:^)

Admission Free !! Japanese bamboo flute Shakuhachi Concert

Akasaka Community Plaza

Admission Free!! Japanese bamboo flute Shakuhachi Concert This is a concert where you can enjoy Japanese music through various schools of shakuhachi music. ◎This venue is not crowded, so you don't have to worry about new coronavirus infection. Please come with a mask on the way. ・Date:on 14 Dec 2020 From 18:00(Doors open at 17:45) ・Veneu:Akasaka Civic Hall(in 3F Akasaka Community Plaza,[masked],Akasaka Minato-ku,Tokyo) ・Access:10 minute walk from Exit A of Akaska-mitsuke Station on Ginza line or Marunouchi line ・Admission fee:free(Please RSVP. All seats are free. You can enter after the start time.) The Minato-district Japanese Music Study Group has players who belong to the various groups, such as the Fuke-meian, the Kinko, the Tozan and each school.The length of the shakuhachi also ranges from 30cm to 100cm.The form of shakuhachi pipe also ranges from unpainted ungrounded pipes to contemporary fine-tuned ones. Pieces from the classical komuso shakuhachi to ensembles with a Koto and a shamisen and western music.It is very rich in variety. In addition, every single piece, we have programmed a program to be played by shakuhachi with different styles and lengths (or pipe making methods). The concert takes about 3 hours, but if you listen for 1 hour, you will be able to enjoy the various charms of shakuhachi and Japanese musical instrument. Please feel free to visit us if you are interested in Japanese music, art and culture. 流派を超えた尺八演奏会 港区邦楽研究会 定期演奏会 様々な流派の尺八などの和楽器を通じて、日本の音楽を愉しむことができる無料の演奏会です。 ◎当演奏会場は三密の状態にはなりませんので、安心してお越し下さい。 ・開催日時:令和2年12月14日(月)18時00分開演(開場:17時45分) ・演奏会場:赤坂区民ホール(東京都港区赤坂[masked] 赤坂コミュニティーぷらざ3階) ・アクセス:東京メトロ 銀座線・丸の内線「赤坂見附」駅下車 A出口から徒歩10分 ・入場料:無料(RSVPをお願いします。全席自由、途中入退場可) 港区邦楽研究会には、普化明暗流(ふけめいあんりゅう)、琴古流(きんこりゅう)、都山流(とざんりゅう)、さらに尺八の各流派の中でも別の会派に所属する奏者がいます。 吹く尺八の長さも一節切(ひとよぎり、約30cm)から三尺五寸(約105cm)まで。尺八の製管のあり方も、漆(うるし)すら塗らない地無し管(じなしかん)から、ファインチューンの現代的な作りのものまで。曲目も、虚無僧尺八の古典本曲から、筝(こと)や三味線が加わった合奏曲や洋楽まで、とてもバラエティに富んでいます。 さらに、1曲毎に、流派、長さ(あるいは製管方法)の異なる尺八による演奏になるようにプログラムを組んでいます。演奏会は約3時間ですが、そのうち1時間でも聴いていただければ、尺八をはじめとする和楽器の様々な魅力をお愉しみいただけるものと思います。 日本の音楽や芸術・文化に関心を持つ方は、是非、お気軽にご来場ください。

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