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Let's try various kinds of Japanese cultural experience with this meetup group!
We usually organize cultural experience with the event hosts who are expert of any Japanese cultural experience.

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If you are interested to organize the events or help for anything about the event, please tell Satoshi Abe!

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Enjoy a Joyous Summer Festival 💥 & "Power Spot" at beautiful SHINSO-JI Temple!

Thanks to fewer Covid cases, many wonderful traditional festivals are being held again after a three year break!
One of these is the amazing Narita Shinso-ji Gion Festival!

We'll meet in the afternoon, so we can stay into the early evening & enjoy the "akari" illuminations from the gorgeous, lantern-ornamented festival carts & many vintage shops along the sacred "sando" road!
You can enjoy the fine yet powerfully bold dance performances during "So-odori", one of the highlights of the festival. Floats from the various districts gather as youths begin to dance ecstatically. It is truly a vigorous sight, seeing the dancers move to the bouncy rhythms of the festival chant. Feel the striking vibrancy with your own body!
On the last day, (Sunday the 10th) beautiful carved floats zoom around on the main walkway of Naritasan temple. Floats pulled by men whiz through regardless of how narrow the road may be. You cannot miss the Tekomai that lead the floats either!
Local elementary school students wearing fancy costumes ring their bells as they cruise through town together with the floats. Enjoy the gorgeous floats & the pretty Tekomai!
The floats are all lit-up in the evening, bringing out a different flavor from that of the daytime. While pulled individually during the day, they all are gathered together near the main walkway of the shrine as many viewers huddle around.
Enjoy the festive atmosphere in the cooling summer breeze which Narita is famous for!
In addition to the many festive activities such as parades of carts, music & dance performances, there is an important FREE gallery exhibition of remarkable "Ningyo", (large parade dolls or puppets) made by skilled master craftsmen whose traditions date back many hundreds of years.
Famous float dolls from all over the Kanto region, such as the work of the puppeteer "Hara Funatsuki", posters of the Narita Gion Festival, old photographs, and models of floats will be exhibited.
This exhibition will help us to appreciate the wonderful large Ningyo which are often mounted atop the dashi or festival carts at such festivals!
We'll meet outside the ticket gate of Keisei-Narita station between 2:00 and 2:15 pm (14:00-14:15), once assembled, we'll visit the Sky Town Gallery, see ta great exhibition, and afterwards walk down the winding temple road past many wonderful shops to Narita Temple, then climb the steps up to the broad temple platform & enjoy this great festival!
(If you catch the 12:58pm train from Keisei Nippori station, you should arrive at 1:58, so it's only an hour from Nippori station to Narita!)
The most famous traditional food at Narita is delicious Unagi (Grilled eel)! There are many old-fashioned restaurants, but surely we will find all kinds of "yatai" (street food-stalls) so you can choose from many things to eat!
We're meeting after lunchtime, but please leave some room in your belly for the many tasty things we might enjoy here!
Narita Shinso-ji temple, an internationally famous "Power Spot", is itself quite large & 3-dimensional, with many beautiful old structures including many temples, a gorgeously decorated entry gate, the 3-story Pagoda, the giant main hall, a huge prayer-wheel, the Yakushido, rushing Yui-no-taki waterfall, the 3 ponds and "Uki-mido" in the Fudo-garden & the VERY impressive Fudo-son Hall located atop Narita-san mountain!
During the Edo-period & before, people would walk for many days along the Narita-Kaido & other old highways to visit this beautiful & very important sacred place.
I will conduct a special tour of the most interesting places at Narita which will be a truly GREAT photo opportunity for all of you!
PLEASE NOTE: There's a very low ï¿¥1000 Meetup fee. We work hard and spend many hours on foot exploring & doing research online to plan interesting & enjoyable events for you, so please give more if you can! (Suggested: Students, elders or unemployed: ï¿¥1000, but for others, please give:ï¿¥[masked] depending on your income. It's your choice!)
Coming late, being a "no-show" or changing your RSVP after the deadline affects your fellow members and organizers, so please be considerate.
This is a non-smoking meetup. If you smoke, please, only in proper smoking areas.
Japanese summer weather is quite changeable. A folding umbrella, a hat, sunscreen & insect spray may be useful!
Your comments and suggestions for future meetups are always welcome!

Your Meetup organizer, Kerry D 😃

Eat, drink, dance & be COOL at Fabulous BIG Sawara (佐原) Yasaka Gion Matsuri!


Summer is coming with even hotter weather ahead, so let's get out of Tokyo and travel into the green countryside for an authentic COOL CHIBA* Edo-style Summer Festival!

It's the Sawara Big Festival, or "Yasaka-jinja Gionsai" Matsuri!

One of the Kanto region's most enjoyable festivals it's a famous celebration with more than 300 years of rich history.


Traditionally held each year in July, but cancelled from[masked], the fabulous "Yasaka-jinja Gionsai" festival is back for 2022!

This amazing "Matsuri", or Shinto shrine festival features the parading of 10 stunning ornate hand-carved wheeled-festival carts, or floats featuring huge figures, which have legendary powers to drive away disease & epidemics!

NOTE: * CHIBA IS COOL! Chiba is on average 3-4 degrees cooler than Tokyo, so why not leave the giant HOT concrete island that is Tokyo & join us?!

This festival's chant "Sawara-bayashi", is one of the three major festival chants of Japan, as well as Sawara's traditional townscape recognized as Nationally-selected Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings, can be enjoyed.

【An official UNESCO designated Intangible Cultural Heritage event】

Here's the back story:
SAWARA (佐原) an old, once wealthy merchant town, flourished due to boats carrying people & cargo on its many canals, is designated as Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings (重要伝統的建造物群保存地区 Jūyō Dentōteki Kenzōbutsu-gun Hozon-chiku).
Sawara is located about 1.5-hours east from Tokyo Station & is easily reached by the inexpensive JR Line. (ï¿¥1340 one-way)

We'll ride together & you can enjoy beautiful country scenery on the way!

The main attraction of this festival is the parade of many incredibly beautiful hand-crafted floats (or "dashi") which are pushed, pulled & levered along the streets & canal-side areas of Sawara to the sound of flutes & drums, accompanied by many fan waving dancers!

In addition there are wonderful shops which offer food and drink & original authentic handcrafted products of all kinds, perfect for gift-giving, consuming or collecting!
Enjoy the colors, the drums, the songs, flutes, food, drinks, history much more!

We will meet at JR Ichikawa station & once assembled, we'll board the train for Sawara.

On arrival, we'll stroll along the willow-lined Ono riverside to the center of old Sawara to enjoy the food, the drinks, the sights, the music, the shops, visit the shrine, the museums & enjoy the cool of the early evening.


Sawara is sometimes called a "Little Edo" because of many fine, attractive old stone, timber & tile-built shops & fireproof storehouses, known as "kura" some of which stand beside a beautiful tree-lined stone canal running through the center of town which has several picturesque bridges.

Sawara still produces the best quality sake, miso, senbei (crackers) pickles, sweets, and many other delicious, gift-worthy traditional commodities, with many machiya, cafes, noodle shops, art galleries & other attractions.

Famous not only for brilliantly ornamented wagons called "dashi" (many of which which feature animated sculptures of great historical & mythological figures) Sawara also has Katori-jinja (A very important Shinto shrine) & was the home of Ino Tadataka, famed as the great man who created Japan's first accurate modern map, which was completed in 1821.


The Ino Tadataka Home Museum in Sawara is another attraction we may visit during our tour: http://www.city.katori.lg.jp/museum/

The Dashi Kaikan, (festival cart museum), also known as the "Suido Sawara Floats Hall" is located right next to Yasaka Jinja, the host of the summer festival.

Yasaka Jinja: http://www.suigo-sawara.ne.jp/abroad_en_ca2.html
Festival Cart museum: http://www.city.katori.lg.jp/dashikaikan/

PLEASE NOTE: There is a very low ¥1000 Meetup fee. We work hard to plan interesting & enjoyable events for you, so please give more if you can! (Suggested: Students, elders or unemployed: ¥1000, others:¥[masked]. Your choice!)

👉🏻 Coming late, being a "no-show" or changing your RSVP after the deadline affects your fellow members and organizers, so please be considerate.

This is a non-smoking meetup. If you wish to smoke, please do it only in proper smoking areas.

Japanese summer weather is quite changeable. A folding umbrella, a hat, sunscreen & insect spray may be useful!

Your comments and suggestions for future meetups are always welcome!
Your Meetup organizer, Kerry D 😃

Admission Free !! Japanese bamboo flute Shakuhachi Concert

Needs a location

Admission Free!! Japanese bamboo flute Shakuhachi Concert
This is a concert where you can enjoy Japanese music through various schools of shakuhachi music.
◎This venue is not crowded, so you don't have to worry about new coronavirus infection.

・Date:on 28 July 2022 From 18:00(Doors open at 17:45)
・Veneu:Akasaka Civic Hall(in 3F Akasaka Community Plaza,[masked],Akasaka Minato-ku,Tokyo)
・Access:10 minute walk from Exit A of Akaska-mitsuke Station on Ginza line or Marunouchi line
・Admission fee:free(Please RSVP. All seats are free. You can enter after the start time.)

The Minato-district Japanese Music Study Group has players who belong to the various groups, such as the Fuke-meian, the Kinko, the Tozan and each school.The length of the shakuhachi also ranges from 30cm to 100cm.The form of shakuhachi pipe also ranges from unpainted ungrounded pipes to contemporary fine-tuned ones.
Pieces from the classical komuso shakuhachi to ensembles with a Koto and a shamisen and western music.It is very rich in variety.
In addition, every single piece, we have programmed a program to be played by shakuhachi with different styles and lengths (or pipe making methods). The concert takes about 3 hours, but if you listen for 1 hour, you will be able to enjoy the various charms of shakuhachi.
Please feel free to visit us if you are interested in Japanese music, art and culture.

【無料】流派を超えた尺八演奏会 港区邦楽研究会 定期演奏会

・演奏会場:赤坂区民ホール(東京都港区赤坂[masked] 赤坂コミュニティーぷらざ3階)
・アクセス:東京メトロ 銀座線・丸の内線「赤坂見附」駅下車 A出口から徒歩10分


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