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What we’re about

Welcome to Java.IL - the Israeli Java Community and user group. Whether you are a Java developer (or any other JVM language), JVM internals enthusiast, keeping on top of the Java ecosystem or interested in influencing the future of Java, you have come the right place.
Java.IL is a consolidation of the three leading Java groups in Israel: JJTV, הבוציה and IL JUG, with the aim of creating a unified, vibrant community. 

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Meetups: The community will be meeting approximately once a month. Our aim is to bring you highly technical and non-sponsored content. 
***Open Source Projects: ***Java.IL is a good place to start your open source project together with other community members. Have suggestions for a project? Let us know!
***JSR/JCP contribution: ***Java.IL is endorsing the "Adopt a JSR" program

Getting Involved 
Follow us on Twitter: @java_il
Join our active discussion on our Facebook Group
YouTube: Starting Feb 2016, all recorded session will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. 
Parleys: All recoded sessions prior to Feb 2016 are available on our Parleys channel  
Suggest talks! We are constantly looking for speakers and content. We see this group as a platform to nurture first time speakers, and will provide you with all the help and support you need for a successful talk. 
Want to speak in one of our next events ? Fill in this form

Have a venue that can host Java.IL meetups? Let us know! We are looking for hosts to give the Israeli Java developers a grand tour of companies in Israel -- there's nothing better for experiencing your culture than a first-hand visit!