What we're about

The Just Chill Out (JCO) group is a place for members who prefer not to chill out alone.

The essence of JCO is for member to relax, chill out and be themselves at any occasions.

Three things you can expect from joining us;

1. A friendly and approachable host at all our events.

2. Nice atmosphere and ambience for members to be themselves and interact freely.

3. Members can suggest or host any events (JCO guidelines apply).

Member Responsibilities

1. RSVP responsibly. Honour or update your RSVP because "No Show" will be recorded. This means that you may not get priority for events with limited seats.

2. "Like" us! We're on Facebook!

3. We respect your work but unless absolute necessary, practice your sales pitch separately.

Come on, don't be shy. Scroll though our events and RSVP now!

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Upcoming events (3)

天龙八部之乔峰传 (Sakra) - BYOT and leave your contact in web

Golden Village Plaza

Hi people,
The show we are watching is 天龙八部之乔峰传 (Sakra)
Sakra (simplified Chinese: 天龙八部之乔峰传; traditional Chinese: 天龍八部之喬峯傳) is a 2023 wuxia film directed by Donnie Yen, who also co-produced the film with Wong Jing. It is adapted from the wuxia novel Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils written by Jin Yong. The film stars Donnie Yen, Chen Yuqi, and Cya Liu, and it was released in OTT platforms in China at 2023 Chinese New Year. It was also released in theatres in Malaysia on 16 January 2023
EVERYONE to buy their own ticket
I will

  1. Set up the whatsapp group
  2. Decide the best timing
  3. Tell you guys which seat I am
  4. Everyone get the seat around same area
  5. Have pre movie gathering
  6. Watch movie
  7. Post movie chill out Post movie chill out and dinner are ritual :D

Agenda (Rough time line subject to changes)[masked]pm Meet for dinner
7pm-7.15pm collection of tickets
7.20pm Proceed to cinema
7.20pm-9.35pm Movie
9.35pm-11pm Post Movie chill out

TGIF at Tanoke - NEW LOCATION (Formerly at Le Bon Funk!) 18 slots deposit 50

Come join us for friday dinner at Tanoke

Immerse yourself in the congenial atmosphere of TANOKE in discovering the gastronomic pleasures of food and sake pairing. Lush teal walls are embellished with warm accents of metal and wood for that contemporary yet welcoming ambience.


If you like Sake and great food...
... Just RSVP...

The reason why I want to collect a $50 deposit (non refundable if no show) is because of the following factors

  1. Restaurants are getting more picky for big groups. They either demand minimum spending, deposit and/or no individual billings.

  2. We always prefer to go for a restaurant with no minimum spending as it is really a hassle to implement. However please have some common decency… Do not attend a lunch or dinner event and order only 1 cup of coffee…. We do not take any commission nor kickbacks from the establishment, but it is only fair that we do not abuse the restaurant as well right.

  3. Deposit is getting more common practice among restaurants. To put into record, I do not like to collect deposit as it is a hassle for the organisers. However going forward I will be implementing deposit as a way to ensure people rsvp responsibly. Once deposit is introduce, the no show drop from 20% to close to 0%. No show affects the restaurant as well as the rest of the participant who take the time to turn up. I mean imagine a 5 pax event and 3 pax drop out last min… it will turn a cozy event into a candlelight dinner.

  4. As we are organizing on meetup, the cleanest way to do the billing will be individual billing. This will reduce chance of miscalculation and etc. However please understand that certain items like a shared bottle of wine or shared dishes (esp Chinese food) will be harder for restaurant to apportion it. So we will stay flexible on this.

Do add your number when you RSVP and we will organise the whatsapp group to arrange the outing with everyone.

As spots are limited, do make sure to update your RSVP so that everyone gets a chance to join.


Christopher (Main organiser of Just Chill Out)
Address: 7 Purvis Street, Level 2, Singapore[masked]

We will pay for our own meals. Feel free to share with other members some items.

Do leave us your number to facilitate organisation. ☺️

Kopi kopi DATE (Not announced or open to RSVP yet)

Needs a location

... Just RSVP...



Nearest MRT

Do add your number when you RSVP and we will organise the whatsapp group to arrange the outing with everyone.
As spots are limited, do make sure to update your RSVP so that everyone gets a chance to join.


Christopher (Main organiser of Just Chill Out)
Helen (Co event organiser)


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Time for... Lunar New Year Free Flow Wine and Beer

Wine Mansion - Keong Saik