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What we’re about

Have you heard of freediving but aren't too sure about it? Are you a certified freediver looking for an opportunity to train and improve your skills? Are you a an ocean lover who wants to experience the underwater world through a mask and snorkel? Or are you just looking for a fun group to hang out with at the beach every couple weeks? Either way, we've got you covered!

I'm a certified Freediving Instructor through Molchanovs education (previously through FII) and there is nothing I enjoy more than introducing people to the sport, and watching them do things they never thought they could do. I teach Wave 1 (intro) courses that will get you down to 40-66 feet comfortably, as well as Wave 2 (intermediate) courses that will teach you how to dive from 80-101 feet on one breath! Click HERE to see upcoming classes and more information on what they entail, and click HERE to see why we moved over to the Molchanovs system!

We do weekly freediving training sessions (line diving) every Sunday morning, and for these you do need to have gone through some sort of freediving class. One of the biggest values of this group is knowing that everyone there is trained in safety and can take care of you if something goes wrong. To sign up for line diving you will want to click HERE, but if you want to come out for snorkeling and the cookout RSVP through Meetup, we're excited to meet you!

Depending on what the conditions are (I post them at and also have a weekly forecast email through the site) we will usually meet at La Jolla Cove or La Jolla shores.