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What we’re about

Welcome to San Diego Integral.  We have a web site,**. *See Pages Tab ***   We are a community of integralists who share the excitement of contributing to the emerging collective consciousness. We are experimenting with whether a community can open space into We-consciousness by using intuition and other subtle energies for expansive exploration and heightening presence. We are looking for the intuitive bursts of insight and revelations. We are asking: what is the potential of this collective consciousness, and what is the foundation upon which it stands?
The holding container we have developed is a Focused Integral Group Discussion (FIGD).  This is a meta-structuring format where we deliberately switch into an agreed upon process to optimally utilize the We-Space. The objective of FIGD is to collectively feel deeper into any topic and promote a causal state experience where we briefly switch from a collective I to a collective we. A Focused Integral Group process is "running in the background" until a salient moment rises that we want to explore. These moments may come from a presentation, a poignant comment by a member, a poem... whatever has resonance and can be horizontally expanded by the collective. This moment is identified by a "moderator" who helps maintain the focus.

FIGD have three parts. Each begins with a formal focus, followed by commentary on the process, and then a discussion. Each segment lasts for 3-8 minutes. Our intention is to have a minimum of three FIGD per meeting. We have found that the intensity of these collective focused moments has increased with experience and skill and seems to delightfully persist throughout the three phases. This is very much an experimental process we have been improving upon after each meeting.

Please join us if you are hungry to participate in this collective experience. 
Current information is on our Pages Tab and can be found here.

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