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What we’re about

Yarn work, coffee, North Denver. This group is for anyone interested in working on their portable fiber project while hanging out over a cup of coffee or tea. We welcome all people wanting to hang out over their yarn/fiber work. We have knitters, crochet-ers, cross stitchers, etc. All skill levels and ages welcome. We meet every Sunday morning at Waldshanke, and also do quarterly yarn field trips.

RSVPs - are kind of casual. A lot of our regular members do not remember to RSVP (including me). If you are new and want to join, but see 0 attendees signed up for the event, just come. There are usually at least 6 people. Thanks and hope to see you soon!

Group Norms - We want everyone to feel welcome here. To that end, please practice the following while you are here:

  1. Use inclusive language. The key points of inclusive language are
    • Greetings: e.g. "Friends", "Folks" rather than "Ladies" & "Gentlemen"
    • Context: reference personal characteristics and attributes only when it is relevant to the context
    • People-centric language: e.g. "A person experiencing homelessness" rather than "a homeless person"; "a person using a wheelchair" rather than "wheelchair bound"
    • Don't make assumptions: Ask people what terminology and language they use for themselves.
    • Avoid Aggregating: e.g. "Japanese" rather than "Asian"
    • Gender Neutral: e.g. "pregnant person" rather than "pregnant woman", "humankind" rather than "mankind"
  2. Respect others' personal pronouns.
  3. Implicit biases: We all have them! You can take some time to learn yours for free through the Harvard Implicit Project.
  4. Micro-aggressions: A lot of us do these with no harmful intention or awareness that we have done. Some quick resources to educate yourself:

Membership Fee - please note that there is a $2 annual membership fee (w/ 90 day free trial) to encourage engaged members and to help with organizer's $198/year subscription to Meetup. See general info photo.

Account Issues - if you are having trouble with your account and you are using the app, please try logging on from a PC. The Meetup app can be troublesome at times.

Want to host? If you would like to host an event on another day/time/location, let me know. It's easy peasy!

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