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@Shilla: Free Weekly Korean Language Session 스터디 모임 - Lesson Exchange DC MD VA
KOREAN LANGUAGE SESSION 스터디 모임! & Korean/American Cultural Exchange Studying a language? Need lessons? The more time you spend, the more your brain makes important connections... learning! Spend your time to hear and speak the Korean language, to help yourself learn. Now in our 4th year of weekly events! Whatever your level, join us as we explore the Korean language and culture. This is a good event for people to attend for their first meetup! Hundreds and hundreds of people have attended since we started the event in 2012... our most popular event series. We include a chance to exchange with others, and depending on how each event flows, provide lesson-type information and learning. We also sometimes have events at the Tous Les Jours bakery in Annandale (check our calendar). Update for the week: Each week we have a "word of the week", which can be more than one word, too. Update for late 2017: Our group events have the following rules for attendees (, along with some cultural guidelines, so that we can all enjoy our times together. Please keep in mind the following two important items, as well as the other linked information: • We do not tolerate harassment of members, either in-person or online, in any form. • Do not pressure anyone for their phone number or contact information. Read the entire page before attending, to be familiar with the rules: (End of late 2017 update) Can't read the headline for this event? The Korean hangul characters "스터디 모임" we learned in an earlier meetup means "study moim" or study meeting/gathering. 도와주시겠어요? Native Korean language speakers welcome to join us as well, to help us learn the difficult parts of Korean, and to find language exchange partners & meet new friends. Post if you need a metro station or other pickup. The location has been nice to allow us to meet there, because it helps to give us a place to gather at no cost. If you attend you do not have to buy anything, but it helps if you do! They have a nice selection of items, and it is a small business with people who live in our area. Also, health studies show we are happier when we help others. Buying for another person can improve your happiness, and being happy has been shown to help with things like learning languages. The event usually lasts for about 2 hours, and many people join for a dinner after the event at a local restaurant (usually Korean food). The dinner location isn't usually decided until after the event starts, and we sometimes get special discounts or other benefits. Photo from Shilla baker in Tysons Corner: Photos from past events at different locations: 2015 photos:

Shilla Bakery - Tysons Corner Center - Level 2 (Parking D)

1961 Chain Bridge Rd · McLean, VA


What we're about

Hello! This successful international culture group in Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia (& Korea!), founded in 2006, has over 3,000 members. We celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2016!

Join a group that includes its own stars... our members! And yes, we do have stars at some of our events... sometimes announced, sometimes...not. are joining the largest Korean-focused meetup in the USA,

and the 3rd-largest in the world.

We've been featured in newspapers, radio, and on Korean TV.

Thanks for stopping by!

And also join up... we are open to members who fit into our group, and respect our group's community.

What is being a member of our group like? It is wonderful and more. We focus on quality events, sharing food, language, and more. Many members are actively learning Korean - and English - and we welcome help from native speakers. 도와주시겠어요? Native Korean language speakers welcome.

It is easy to join in and enjoy your experiences with our group. Most of our events are "in English" and do not require Korean language ability. ESL (English-as-a-Second Language) learners are welcome here.

Our older 2012 video is packed with years of fun meetup activities...

...the video needs to be 3 times longer to fit it all of what we've done together! Check out the highlights from Tamara Kim farther down on this page.

Join this group if you are interested in learning Korean, or if you are Korean and want to share the culture & language with others (& perhaps enjoy English conversation). Meet with others in the area who are also interested in aspects of Korean culture, music, language, & food. All levels of proficiency are welcome! Our members share their own cultures... American, Asian (Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, others), European (French, Spanish, others), African, Middle Eastern, and some day even Antarctican ;-) !

The meetups are fun events, and many friendships continue to be formed every month. This group gets together to explore & share lots of common interests, & help learn as well. The group is open to adult members from anywhere, and has meetings in the Washington DC Metro Area (North, South, East, West). The members can attend, and also volunteer to help organize events and other activities... a non-profit community-powered group.

We have expanded resources on our Meetup Group Pages:

1) EVENTS: Our next get-togethers are posted in the calendar section, in DC, Virginia & Maryland, and emails go out to members for updates. See the Calendar for more details, or take a look at the photos -> [url= ]. Post ideas for events here:

Some of our events have also been in the news. You can read (and see) more here:


* Korean Alphabet - Hangul: ...

* Korean Language - Learning: ...

* Korean Language Videos - ...

Previous words of the week: Earthquake = jijin. Charity = jajen.
Semi-permanent word of the week is noraebang - "song room" or private karaoke room.
Previous Words of the Week are posted here: ...


Our page of prior event locations and resources for local places to find Korean food: ...

4) Travel to South Korea: (more coming soon)

5) Korean Reference & News sites: (video) Korean Waves In The News (

6) Korean Adoption/Adoptees - ...

7) ESL - English as a Second Language: ...

Note: Activities of this group include cultural and related discussion, and sometimes networking and some marketing, yet it is not a group for network marketing (MLM). Marketing can be fine, and ask first before posting if you have any questions, especially if the products or services are not ones you actually make or provide personally. Marketing a business you own or are starting as the owner can occur during normal flow of event discussions and conversations, via comments about the capabilities offered by the business that are related to this group.

See you at an event!

If you are interested in promoting your Korean-related organization or any business, let us know (don't spam the members). If we don't get back to you right away, try again. And the video below is from one of our many free Korean cooking meetup events:

Korean Waves ™ in 2012 & 2013 went GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) in DC, VA, & MD! The Korean cultural sensation - Korean singer Psy - and now international star inspired many of us with his hit song (oppan) Gangnam Style ( In 2014 we continued to grow to over 2,000 members, and over 1,000 events. We hope 2017 will be a continued year of growth of the exchange and understanding of Korean culture in the USA.

We often have karaoke (noraebang) events to get the chance to sing like (or with) the stars. Join us and attend the kind of events you like, and also suggest the ones you want!

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