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Kotlin Multiplatform / Kotlin Coroutines
Let's meet again! This time we would like to talk about Kotlin Multiplatform and then Kotlin coroutines, two hot topics in the Kotlin Community! We are honoured to be hosted by! Houzz is located at the 32nd floor of the Square tower of Azrieli. You'll need an ID card or driving license to enter the building. Agenda: ------------ 18:30 Welcome with pizzas & beers thanks to Houzz! 19:00 Kotlin Multiplatform - here, there and everywhere // by Or Noyman & Ruby Lichtenshtein 19:40 Break 19:50 Kotlin Coroutines // by Dor Samet The talks ------------- - Kotlin Multiplatform - here, there and everywhere // by Or Noyman & Ruby Lichtenshtein Kotlin multiplatform support is a powerful feature that allows us to share code between multiple projects across different platforms (JVM, JS, native). On this talk we will learn how to implement a full Multiplatform application for Android/iOS with a clean architecture and tests backed by a NodeJS backend. We will understand how to create a Multiplatform architecture to enable code sharing between platforms, tackle the issues that plague this nascent feature and see how it compares to alternative approaches such as React Native and Flutter. - Kotlin Coroutines // by Dor Samet From gaming to server and application programming - the async/await pattern has taken over the modern programming world; and with the newly-added Kotlin Coroutines we as JVM developers can finally enjoy some features of it. What is it? What problem does it address? How do we use it with Kotlin? You'll just have to wait and see ;) ------------- See you there! The KotlinTLV Team

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