What we're about


Building an intercultural COLLECTIVE IDENTITY
Activating Arabic-Speaking migrant community in Spain to create spaces for everyone

Kudwa Social Club
A space for people to plan and lead their own sessions and events and share their experiences and expertise. a series of discussions and sessions, both formal and informal meetups where everyone can learn new skills and grow in a safe environment.

The objective is to activate community members and encourage them to take ownership of creating regular events that have value to all members of this club. To make event creation more collaborative and democratic. And to provide a space for people to access a community that they can help shape.

Who should join?
Only the Club members can create, vote for, and lead events. We will then post it here so that anyone who is not a club member can join the events
The club will be in English but, one of the club rules is If anyone is having trouble with language, everyone should be prepared to help translate and explain what is happening


Club Rules: 
- It is a safe space for everyone to participate and lead sessions without judgment
- Active listening is a skill we all should have
- Themes are completely open to whatever you are passionate about - In order to create a safe and inclusive space, we prefer to stay away from political or religious themes, because they can be polarizing and exclusionary.
- We are interested and bettered by the opinions of all no matter race, gender, sexual orientation, language, origin, etc..
- No one will be excluded from sharing their thoughts and everyone needs to be asked (but not forced) if they would like to participate
- If anyone is having trouble with language, everyone should be prepared to help translate and explain what is happening

Upcoming events (2)

Perfectionism Vs. Personal-Growth - TALK WITH TASNEEM SOROUR

Carrer de Calàbria, 66

Are you pressured to appear flawless?
Some people desire to always please the others and strive for a perfect outcome. They attempt to perfect their imperfect selves in order to develop. However, only a few realise that perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order!
Join us in our talk on 13 June 2023 to further understand the wide spread psychological issue of perfectionism.
The discussion will also include the human striving for personal growth and the mistake many people make when they believe that a meaningful life needs to be perfect.

The talk will be in English with Support for Arabic and Spanish

Intercultural Karaoke and Game Night!

Federació d'Entitats Calàbria 66

this time, we will have games

EN - ES - AR
Karaoke Intercultural and Game Night!

Join us for a spectacular evening of intercultural karaoke and game night! Discover the joy of music and celebrate the rich diversity of our cultures. This immersive event is designed to bring people together through the universal language of music. Whether you're an aspiring singer, a games enthusiast, or simply want to have a great time, this event is perfect for you.
Sing your heart out in multiple languages, explore different musical genres, and showcase your talent in friendly karaoke battles. Immerse yourself in a lively atmosphere where cultural exchange is celebrated. Engage in exciting games that challenge your music knowledge and cultural awareness.
This event is not just about singing and games; it's a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, make new friends, and experience the beauty of cultural diversity. Join us as we create unforgettable memories through music, laughter, and friendly competition.
Don't miss out on this intercultural karaoke and game night extravaganza. Get ready to sing, laugh, and embrace the vibrant tapestry of our diverse world. We can't wait to see you there!

  • Donations are encouraged
  • Karaoke Battle: We will assign 3 judges and have a battle between teams
  • Singing in your own language is encouraged. But we invite you to explain the meaning of the song you choose to the audience.
  • Sing Along

¡Karaoke Intercultural y Noche de Juegos!
Únete a nosotros en una espectacular velada de karaoke intercultural y noche de juegos. Descubra la alegría de la música y celebre la rica diversidad de nuestras culturas. Este evento de inmersión está diseñado para unir a la gente a través del lenguaje universal de la música. Si eres un aspirante a cantante, un entusiasta del trivial o simplemente quieres pasártelo en grande, este evento es perfecto para ti.
Canta con el corazón en varios idiomas, explora diferentes géneros musicales y demuestra tu talento en amistosas batallas de karaoke. Sumérjase en un ambiente animado en el que se celebra el intercambio cultural. Participe en emocionantes juegos que pondrán a prueba sus conocimientos musicales y su conciencia cultural.
Este evento no es sólo cantar y jugar; es una oportunidad única para conectar con personas de ideas afines, hacer nuevos amigos y experimentar la belleza de la diversidad cultural. Únase a nosotros para crear recuerdos inolvidables a través de la música, la risa y la competición amistosa.
No te pierdas esta noche intercultural de karaoke y juegos. Prepárate para cantar, reír y abrazar el vibrante tapiz de nuestro diverso mundo. ¡Estamos deseando verte!

  • Se anima a hacer donaciones
  • Batalla de karaoke: Asignaremos 3 jueces y habrá una batalla entre equipos.
  • Te animamos a cantar en tu propio idioma. Pero te invitamos a explicar al público el significado de la canción que elijas.
  • Canta con nosotros

كاريوكي بين الثقافات و ليلة ألعاب!
انضم إلينا لقضاء أمسية رائعة من الكاريوكي بين الثقافات وليلة الألعاب. اكتشف متعة الموسيقى واحتفل بالتنوع الغني لثقافاتنا. تم تصميم هذا الحدث الغامر ليجمع الناس معًا من خلال لغة الموسيقى العالمية. إذا كنت مغنيًا طموحًا أو من عشاق الترفيه أو ترغب فقط في قضاء وقت ممتع ، فهذا الحدث مثالي لك.
غنِّ قلبك بلغات متعددة ، واستكشف أنواع الموسيقى المختلفة ، واظهر مواهبك في معارك الكاريوكي الودية. انغمس في أجواء مفعمة بالحيوية حيث يتم الاحتفال بالتبادل الثقافي. شارك في الألعاب المثيرة التي ستختبر معرفتك الموسيقية ووعيك الثقافي.
هذا الحدث ليس مجرد غناء ولعب. إنها فرصة فريدة للتواصل مع الأشخاص ذوي التفكير المماثل وتكوين صداقات جديدة وتجربة جمال التنوع الثقافي. انضم إلينا في إنشاء ذكريات لا تُنسى من خلال الموسيقى والضحك والمنافسة الودية.
لا تفوّت هذه الليلة بين الثقافات من الكاريوكي والألعاب. استعد للغناء والضحك واحتضان النسيج النابض بالحياة لعالمنا المتنوع. ونحن نتطلع إلى رؤيتكم!

  • يتم تشجيع التبرعات
  • معركة الكاريوكي: سنقوم بتعيين 3 حكام وستكون هناك معركة بين الفرق.
  • نحن نشجعك على الغناء بلغتك الخاصة. لكننا ندعوك لتشرح للجمهور معنى الأغنية التي تختارها.
  • غني معنا

Past events (11)

Confronting the Shadow! A Journey of self discovery

Carrer de Calàbria, 66