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Are you currently living or working in Kitchener Waterloo, want a local group to meet people, and talk about JavaScript? That's what we're all about! Join us as we talk all things JavaScript and learn about it at our monthly events!

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For our February meetup, we wanted to open the floor to our members. We want to provide a community where developers can share their thoughts and experiences to help one another thrive in the industry. Here is our lightning talk speaker lineup: 1. Sasha Romanenko: Creating custom tags to give an ugly blob of HTML a meaningful name, an API, and be reusable, is something we wanted to do for a decade. Today, browsers support this feature natively! We'll create a custom web component for a content panel and some form fields using pure standard web technology. 2. Adam Frank: How to give your Vue app dynamic styles for great user feedback, for white label products, or just for effect. Learn how to harness the power of HSL and theme your components with minimal effort. 3. Daniel Mills: Gossip, Decentralized, Peers, Scuttlebutt. These are all words, and words having meanings. Find out what they are in lightning format! 4. Tony: Getting TypeScript to work with legacy code without a rewrite. A minimal TypeScript setup. Looking at union and intersection types. Pizza and drinks will be provided by our sponsor this month which will be Vehikl! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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