What we're about

Whether building a web, VOIP, or gaming backend, Operations is using development tools to make it work.

We're interested in the built-in facilities in Linux and the BSDs to programmatically seed and deploy. We're building traditional UNIX infrastructure with lighttpd/Nginx/Apache, Syslog, NFS, LDAP, MySQL/Postgres and BIND/PowerDNS, but doing it with modern scripting languages (Python, Ruby, Perl...) and revision-control. Debconf in Debian and Ubuntu. Kickstart in Redhat and CentOS. pc-sysinstall on BSD. A mix of cloud, hosted and datacenter-minded folks. Expect musings on Puppet, Chef, Augeas, Fabric, CFEngine, and FAI.

Past events (65)

DevOps Day L.A.

Pasadena Convention Center

(TODAY) Running Nodeless K8s & Getting Involved in K8s Releases

Grand Central Creative Campus Commissary

CICD with Screwdriver , Presented by Jithin Emmanuel

Verizon Digital Media Services

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