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Meet with former New Yorkers, Bostonites, Brits, Swiss and more. Moving to Los Angeles is a huge change for many of us from the East Coast, Europe and Scandinavia. The weather is great, but what happened to the seasons? People dressing up to go to shows or social events, taking public transportation everywhere, having everything so close, driving to another state or country did not include spending 2 hours in a car trying to get out of one city (LA)! Growing up in New York City and the burbs; New Jersey, Connecticut was in our back yard, you'd be in a club and be able to tell from talking to a person if they were from Long Island, Jersey, England, Norway, the Bronx or Brooklyn. Do you remember? Do you miss it? This group is being reborn next month - September 2007 - and if you're from Washington DC to Maine or Sweden, Germany, France, Ireland, Switzerland or Denmark we want you to come out, dress up and bring our intense cultural upbringing to Los Angeles. There is a common thread between the East Coasters and Europeans/Scandinavians and here at LA Transplants is where we will head back to our roots and explore it and at the same time make friends and have fun.

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