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What we’re about

Lazy Ass Hiking is a hiking and outdoor group based in the Inland Empire area of Southern California. Although we do many slower paced hikes, walks, and bike rides in or near the Inland Empire area, we often feature longer, more challenging, and more distant hikes and rides throughout the SoCal area.  Everything from a walk in the park to climbing Mt. Whitney is fair game at Lazy Ass.

Please note that the Lazy Ass name is not a reference to being out of shape, but rather a preference for taking it a bit slower. We actually don't mind a little huffing and puffing on the trails and bike paths, or even a little boulder hopping and scrambling, but we're definitely not in a race and we don't particularly like to start hikes at the crack of dawn.

We have fun and welcome you to join our group with the understanding that hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities are inherently dangerous and potentially even deadly. By joining the group or participating in any Lazy Ass Hiking event, you agree to hold the organizers, event hosts and members harmless from any loss, damage, or liability that may occur during the event or while in transit to and from the event.

Lazy Ass Hiking gear is now availably on our Shopify page here:

For additional information, check out our About Lazy Ass Hiking page.

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