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Lean startup is a startup methodology which aims to reduce the market risks and minimize capital requirements by adopting a combination of business-hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative product releases, and validated learning.

But while the lean startup methodology has become practically a gospel in the startup community, it is more honored in breach than in practice.

Why is it so hard to be lean?

Lean is humble; it requires admitting that you don't know your market as well as you imagine.

Lean is frugal; it entails making do with less or even with virtually nothing.

Lean is disciplined; it requires us to focus on areas that are not our natural forte.

What can entrepreneurs do to foster a lean culture?

1) Learn lean startup methodology.

2) Practice lean startup methodology where you have control.

3) Promote lean startup methodology outside your areas of control.

Join us to explore the practice of lean startup methodology.

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Exit Strategies for Startup Founders & CEOs

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James Jimenez of MNSTCompany.com is an accomplished finance partner with over 9 years of experience in operations and corporate finance. James will offer a briefing on things you can do right now that will increase your options for getting acquired later. His expertise has been used to close $50M in acquisitions, manage $1B in revenue, and create $30M+ in cashflow. He’s partnered with top private equity firms like The Carlyle Group & Francisco Partners to strategically increase company valuations.

Landing your First 10 Customers

Online event

A tactical talk that includes practical strategies, growth hacks, and specific techniques for startup founders to land their first 10 enterprise customers. It covers landing your first customer and validating your business model.

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Increasing Revenues with Ease

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