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Finding the right startup to join is hard. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince. Let’s face it, there are a lot of "visionary" founders out there but which ones will you be successful with?

Meeting face-to-face, having a serious conversion and starting small can lead to great things! Hundreds of entrepreneurs have expanded their networks and found cofounders because they either met at a Cofounder Academy or Bootstrapper's Breakfast events.

What to bring for the small group conversations

Cofounder - be able to offer a short introduction that outlines your background and the kind startup you are interested in joining. (Note: you are free to change your mind at or after the event but at least give folks some idea of your expertise, accomplishments, and interests).

Founder: a brief description of your startup, what you have accomplished to date to move it forward, and a succinct outline of one or two small projects (of two to four hours duration) you are looking for help on.


6:30-6:50 Introductions / sign-in as founder / cofounder and get your small group assignments
6:50-7:00 Briefing on "What makes a good small project" Sean Murphy
7:00-8:00 Three facilitated roundtable discussions
8:00-8:15 de-brief on experience
8:15-8:45 open networking