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This is a group for anyone interested in walking who would enjoy exploring the Yorkshire Dales, the Pennines and beyond. The group is part of Leeds CHA Rambling & Social Club ( http://www.leedscha.co.uk/ ) but these walks are open to all. We started this Meetup group to meet other outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy walking and may like to consider joining the club. We do not charge any fee for the first three walks but if you wish to continue then you would need to join the club and pay the annual subscription (currently £5) which would enable full membership – including access to Club weekends away.
We run a range of walks:
Sunday ‘A’ Walks - usually strenuous full day walks around 13 to 17 miles.
Sunday ‘B’ Walks - less strenuous, maximum 13 miles but typically around 10 to 12 miles.
Sunday ‘C’ Walks - gentle walks, not more than 8 miles.
Saturday Walks - normally around 7 to 8 miles taken at a steady pace.
Saturday ‘D’ Walks - round about 5 miles, with very little ascent - taken at a leisurely pace.
Sunday Coach Outings – usually combine ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ walks, and may also be joined by those who simply wish to enjoy a day out in the town or area being visited.

Practical Aspects
We try to limit the size of walks to 12 to 15 walkers and so you need to check there are places free before joining. For all our walks we car share as much as possible however, during the current Covid-19 pandemic, we generally meet at the start of the walk.
The planned walks listed may be subject to change depending on the availability of transport, or due to weather conditions. If in doubt contact the walk leader. Our walk leaders are not generally formally qualified but we take safety on the walks very seriously and check out the routes in advance to the best of our abilities.

Guidelines for walkers
Walkers should be adequately equipped, wearing suitable footwear, and carrying clothing appropriate to the prevailing weather conditions which can change during the day. The walk leader reserves the right not to accept into the party anyone he or she considers not to be adequately equipped. Dogs are not permitted on any of the walks.
Walkers need to carry their own food, drink and spare clothing. A torch, whistle and basic first aid kit are also recommended, and a mobile phone could be useful in an emergency.
Whilst the walk leaders will take every care to ensure that the walk is safe and enjoyable, walkers take part in these walks at their own risk and they are responsible for their own personal safety. On the walk it is important not to get ahead of the leaders and If you decide to leave the party during the walk, always tell the leader first.
We aim to observe The Countryside Code - fasten all gates, take care not to damage walls or fences and leave no litter.

On a final note of caution
If you are running late or unable to come, PLEASE contact the walk leader to let them know. Walk hosts will generally give anything up to 15 minutes grace period but it is unfair to keep a large group waiting for long.

As with other groups within Meetup, we offer a 3 strikes policy. This means that if you fail to let the walk leader know about walks that you have RSVP'd to and do not show up, then you will get an email reminder and may be removed from the group. Also, please note that if you have not visited the site or not attended a walk in 12 months, you may be removed from the group. However, you can re-join again at anytime.

Thanks for looking at this group.

If you have any queries or concerns just private message (PM) me
Mike (organiser)

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Coach outing to Malham Sunday 9th October 2022

Needs a location

If you are interested in a day out to Malham by coach and a choice of 4 walks - RSVP and then book a place by sending a cheque for £15 to myself - Jim Armstrong, 5 Half Mile, Bramley, Leeds LS13 1BN. Please make the cheque payable to – “Leeds CHA Rambling and Social Club”. If this is a problem please message me direct (not on event discussion page). Either way, please also advise where you will be boarding the coach. **The coach (Blue Sky Coaches) will pick up as follows**:-
8:45 Jaw Bones, Wood Lane, Rothwell, LS26 0RJ
9:00 King Street in Leeds City Centre opposite the MET Hotel, LS1
9:05 The Library Bar, Woodhouse Lane, wait at the bus stop on the left.
9:10 Headingley, Bus Stop Opposite Arndale Centre (Dennistead Cres).
9:15 Ring Road, Bus stop on Leeds side outside Lawnswood School on Otley Road.
9:20 Lawnswood, Otley Road, Parade of shops on the left just before a BP petrol station.
9:35 Roundabout at the start of the Otley By Pass. Leeds side of the roundabout.
Your place will be secured once I receive your payment and advice of your chosen pick-up point.
The coach returns from Malham at 17:30
There are 4 walks on offer ranging from a strenuous "A" walk to a very easy "D" walk with a moderate "B" walk and an easy "C" walk. A brief description of the walks is given below, but more details will be given on the coach to enable you to make your choice.
'A' Walk - Malham and Parson's Pulpit circular walk. About 14 miles Leader - Mick Hearns
Starting from Malham, our route takes us to Janet's Foss, followed by a scramble up Gordale Scar (if passable) to Street Gate. Here we pick up the Littondale bridleway which we follow for a while, before branching off on access land to the summit of Parson's Pulpit, the high point of the walk. Continuing on access land, we descend into the Cowside Beck valley, and then follow the beck upstream to intersect the Pennine Way. Following the Pennine Way, we pass Malham Tarn and the Water Sinks to arrive at Malham Cove and then descend to Malham to finish the walk. The walk is about 14 miles in length with some 1600 feet of ascent and combines the impressive scenery around Malham, always a magnet for walkers, with a visit to a less well-known limestone area and away from the crowds.
"B" walk - About 10 miles - leader - Yvonne (if well enough) A description of the walk will be given on the coach.
"C" walk - About 7 miles - Leader - Alix
From Malham, we will follow the beck to Janet's Foss waterfall. We will then take a look at Gordale Scar, before continuing up part of the Dales High Way to reach the road. From here we will continue up Trougate towards Water sinks and Malham Tarn for lunch. Leaving the tarn we head back across the moor to reach the top of the dry valley and Watlowes. We then head across Ewe Moor and down to reach the road, which we cross and then proceed down Long Lane back to Malham.
About 7 miles with approx 250 meters (about 800ft) of ascent which we take at an easy pace.
D" walk - About 5.5 miles - Leader Roger
The coach will drop us at the National Park Centre. From there we follow paths by Malham beck and Gordale beck over fields and through woodland to Janet’s Foss waterfall. A short walk from there brings us to Gordale Scar cliffs and waterfall. Returning to Gordale Bridge we have a short steep climb up Gordale Lane which then levels out as we walk back into the village. At the youth hostel we take a footpath to Malham Cove. From the base of the Cove we walk up to the Cove Road and back down into the village, allowing ample free time before the coach leaves.
About 5.5 miles, 350ft climbing, mostly gradual, one short steep road section with stops as required.
Good paths except for some short rocky sections near Janet’s Foss. Mostly kissing gates, two stiles.

If you have a query on any aspect of this coach trip or need more information please message me.
Those who have walked with us before should note that from !st January 2022 we are bringing our conditions into line with those of the parent club, Leeds CHA Rambling and Social Club, where newcomers can attend their first three walks free of charge to see if the group is suitable for them, but if they wish to continue we ask them to join the club and pay the annual subscription (only £5 a year!) See below for more information. Only a small selection of our walks are posted on the Meetup site but paid up club members have access to our full programme which includes one or two walks each Saturday, and a choice of up to three walks on Sundays (including up to six coach trips a year so you can relax and chat on the journey without having to drive). Also we normally arrange two walking weekends away each year, so there is something to suit everyone.


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Ilkley to Addingham circular walk

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