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What we’re about

We're currently on hiatus for obvious reasons, once it becomes safe to meet in person we will continue with our monthly meetups. I feel the online format for this type of group is a bit hard to do. There may be special one off events if someone has a specific interest. If you have any questions send a meetup message and I we will respond. Thanks, Andy.


L.I is made up of people who are interested in physical security, such as bypassing locks or learning new techniques for opening difficult locks.

We abide by the laws set down in each State or Province (For our Canadian neighbors). Likewise we have our own code of ethics we adhere to. They're almost all common sense rules that you should always practice. You should never pick locks that you don't own, or that you don't have the owners explicit permission to pick. We enjoy helping the community, not hurting it.

The membership fee is not required. If you wish to support the organization, get a quality photo membership card, and participate in nationally registered competition, then you may pay the fee. All are welcome to come, learn and have fun!