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Has a divorce, breakup or heartbreak put your life on an emotional tailspin? This group is about how to unburden that emotional pain and convert it to positive energy and happiness.

Painful emotion, as can occur from a divorce, breakup or rocky relationship, approximates the nature of physical pain. If you don't mend it, and just let it fester, the wound can infect various aspects of your life and future relationships. That lingering loss, grief, resentment, blame, guilt, anger or disappointment can smolder. It can reduce your trust, hope, confidence and drive. And if you've been through this more than once, the effects compound and can really drain your energy.

Yet there is important insight and workable techniques that you can apply to reverse that trauma and put you on the road to a bright future.

Take the example of someone we'll call "M". M had fallen into persistent sadness after a divorce and then another failed relationship. With this knowledge and these techniques (as we will discuss in our meetups), she said "I was able to transition out of that grief" and "I now feel freer to live the life that is awaiting me."

This group isn't just for people who have been divorced or separated. This is even for those who are trying to repair their marriage or relationship or keep it from going on the rocks. We will cover vital know-how and signposts to give you the roadmap.

You can mend your heart. You can break a pattern of failed relationships. You can transform your life for the better. And yes there is such a thing as true love - and you can achieve it.

We welcome you to this group!

This group is created by the Dianetics & Scientology life improvement center.

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How to Overcome Trust Issues after a Breakup or Divorce

Online event

A divorce or breakup can lead to major trust issues that can wreck a new relationship and prevent you from finding your soul mate. Yet a trusting, happy relationship is vital for your mental wellbeing. But what keys unlock the door to a lasting, healthy relationship built on a solid ground of trust? This is what we will discuss in this meeting.

We will cover insight on how to overcome trust issues from a past painful relationship and how to predict if a future partner will be trustworthy. And we will talk about insight, techniques and tools that work to help you:

- Get over a divorce or breakup and rebuild your ability to trust.

- Avoid negative and toxic relationships.

- Break the cycle of failed relationships.

- Decide who you can trust and who you can't, who is right for you and who is not.

- Strengthen an ongoing relationship or get a new one on the right foot.

- Avoid painful mistakes that could lead to heartbreak and failure.

- Restore your confidence after a divorce or breakup.

- Open the door to a happy, stable relationship built on love, compatibility, trust, mutual support and respect.

Love and relationships don’t have to be a rollercoaster ride. There is a road that leads to success.

Join us for this free meetup!

The speaker/leader, Hali, is a relationships and self-help expert who has successfully helped hundreds of people resolve and improve their relationships.

This group is sponsored by the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center.

How to Get over a Painful Breakup or Toxic Relationship

Online event

Are you still hurting from a breakup, divorce or toxic relationship? A breakup can be one of the most stressful and emotionally turbulent experiences in life. In this meetup we'll discuss techniques to unburden that emotional pain and convert it to positive energy and happiness.

Time is not in fact the great healer as some have led you to believe. Each intense loss or upset, disappointment or betrayal traps more of your natural, creative life energy. That suppressed hurt can reduce your trust in yourself and in others, your confidence and enthusiasm for life. It can even cause you to look or feel older.

However it does not have to be that way. In this meeting, we will learn how the mind handles painful experiences and how to fully get over them. You will learn of techniques, backed by science, to relieve that pain and release your life energy.

This opens the door to not only a recovery but a transformation to a happier future. People using these techniques typically state that they achieve vast relief, regained vitality and feel younger.

I would like to see you recover from a past painful divorce or toxic relationship. I KNOW it can be done as I've personally helped and seen so many others do that.

Join us for this meetup.

The speaker, Hali Stokes, is a relationships and self-improvement expert who has effectively helped hundreds with insight and techniques that actually work.

This group is associated with the Dianetics & Scientology life improvement center.

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