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What we’re about

There is physical and a metaphysical existence in all of us. We exercise and eat correctly to take care of our bodies, but what do we do for our energy body? Meditate? Stay present? Pray? All make great daily rituals, but what about doing an energy work out every month to clear your chakras, and address emotional stress?
Come on over and we'll learn to tap (EFT), do some energization exercises, and balance our chakras through visualization, mudras, mantras and meditation while we're at it.
You will leave with your battery recharged (after a good night's sleep!), with heightened awareness, and ready to move forward.
I will also facilitate and bring in life coaching as we explore meaningful life topics.
This is a very safe and non judgmental environment for women to be honest, open and ready to get some work done.
We will enjoy refreshments, and bond with minded Gals.
Also, Check out our FREE Inspirational Book Club for Gals and see if you would like to be a part of our "growing" community. Our book club is currently open! :)