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This group is for anyone that loves live music & Social events


Live music events you will see:
Classic Rock
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We'll be at a variety of venues:outdoor concerts, amphitheaters, clubs, etc...
The purpose of this group is to enjoy the great outdoors and making and enjoying being with friends. Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties will be the location of many of our adventurous activities involving indoor and outdoors. Join us for South Florida events, adventures and social gatherings.

Among the activities that we enjoy are: boating, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, bicycling and canoeing. We travel to nature centers and state parks for hiking and exploration.

Our indoor events include bowling, parties, board and game nights, dinner and movie nights and even our Super Bowl party!

In fact, we have lots of events and adventures that practically anyone, whether you are a single, family or couple, can enjoy! We would love to hear from our members with new ideas that would be fun for our group!

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Do Your Dating Photos "CONNECT? They Should: Register For Zoom Link

Needs a location

Of course, your photos should give someone a good sense of what you look like. But what if it was also possible for your dating photos to also give someone a sense that they also kind of know you a bit, and even feel a connection with you. Could you imagine the added value that would add? Have a look at the photos above to see what I mean.

"What matters more than anything when it comes to your online dating profile? One word: Photos. Photos can drastically increase your chances of getting more communication and dates. "

- eharmony

To get the Zoom link you will need to click on this link to register. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/do-your-dating-photos-connect-why-how-register-to-learn-tickets-401401922957

What if that lovely photo of you with a smile on your face can give someone a sense of you actually being happy and not just what you look like with a forced smile? Does it make sense that this is so crucial that it should be an essential element in your dating photos? What if your photos could cause the viewer to feel a real connection with the potential match? Does a pretty picture with a forced or fake smile do that?

Well, it is possible, and I will teach you how to do it.

In this workshop you will:

  • See samples of photos with and without "connection" - I'll let you see if you can tell the difference and decide for yourself how important it is.
  • Learn how to completely change the value of the photos that are already about to be taken with simple instructions for the one with the camera
  • Learn what you can do as the subject to ensure that those photos have the connection value that will greatluy improve thier value

With a photo that catches you "being happy," the person looking at it can start imagining what it might be like to be with this happy/content/playful person. Can you imagine how much more powerful this kind of photo would be for this particular purpose that online dating photos have? This is to give someone as much of a sense as possible of what you're like to help them decide if it would be worth their time/effort/emotional investment/money to go on a date with you. Can you imagine how vital it would be to be able too see proof in a photo that you are actually a happy/content person?

Of course, what you look like is essential. But if you're looking for a relationship, doesn't it make sense that this "connecting" quality is necessary too? It's really what online dating photos should be since the whole purpose is to help someone get a sense of the person in the pictures to see if it might be a match.

Well, these kinds photos are, in fact, possible for you to take on your own if you know how to do. And in this workshop, I'll teach you how.

Why me?

My name is Jon Fischer. I'm a professional photographer, I'm the primary organizer of this Meetup Group. I happen to be a rare specialist in online dating photography. There wasn't a course in online dating photography when I started doing this. So over the last 15 years and with about 1000 clients for this purpose, I've had to figure out what made a dating photo work best and how to take those photos. With the guidance of professionals in the dating industry, I realized how essential "connection" photos were for this purpose. I then had to figure out how to capture these photos for all my clients.

Of course taking a photo of you BEING happy is tricky unless it was a rare accidental candid photo when you were unaware of the camera. But when a camera is pointed at you, most likely, the only thing on your mind is that the camera is pointing at you. No real joy there! :-) Happy emotions usually disappear.

In this workshop, I will share some of my secrets so that you can bypass that natural reaction when the camera is pointing at you and “catch yourself being happy!” I can't wait to teach you what I know! It is fun and VERY easy

To get the Zoom link you will need to click on this link to register. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/do-your-dating-photos-connect-why-how-register-to-learn-tickets-401401922957

Maybe see you soon!

PS, if you don't want to do these dating photos yourself and want me to do it for you just send me an email with your phone # to [masked]. I primarily live up north and will be in Florida in a few weeks.

Roll The Stones at Margate Sounds of Sundown ( FREE CONCERT )

Needs a location

Roll The Stones at Margate Sounds of Sundown Sept 3rd
"Roll The Stones" is a proud Salute To The Great Music Of The Rolling Stones. More than simply a tribute act playing the best of the Rolling Stones catalogue.
Here you will find an honest love for the great music that this extraordinary band has provided to fans around the world for over five decades staying everlastingly significant forever across generations.
Comprised of the cream of the crop of South Florida session and performing musicians. This is an 8 piece band with a Horn Section, Percussion and Multiple Backup Vocalists providing a loving homage to these truly one of a kind iconic musical and cultural legends.
Bring Chairs and enjoy a free concert

Fantasy Fest Key West Bus Trip - meeting at 11 am bus leaves at 11:30

Needs a location

## Details

There is no refunds for this event
Pompano Beach
Each year, the Fantasy Fest Parade winds through the world famous Duval Street from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. -
What is the theme for Fantasy Fest
2022 THEME: Cult Classics & Cartoon Chaos
It worked. Fantasy Fest has grown every year since its inception and is now the wildest extravaganza around!
We’re orchestrating a monumental celebration in honor of the 43 years anniversary of Fantasy Fest, and you don’t want to miss this performance. Whether you’re an alto, a baritone, a soprano, or even tone deaf, you can march to the beat of your own drum in your most creative costumes. Become your rock star idol, create a dance routine with your favorite jazzercise group, or transport yourself back to the best songs of your childhood. The ideas are endless, so find the right pitch, sing along with the melody, and do the twist down to Key West this October!
expect the Fantasy Fest 2022 Parade to be the best yet! The parade kicks off at 7 PM on Saturday, October 29th.
Drinks are allowed but no glass containers!!! (please drink responsibly).
We will allow food, but PLEASE keep it neat!
Cost $ 80.00
Meet up $90.00 or Zelle JAMES ROGERS bank to bank transfer to[masked]
And save $ 10.00 if not paid on meet up best bet ZELLE
We will be Taking a Chartered Bus to Key West we are meeting at 11:00 am
Bus leaves Pompano Beach at 11:30 and leaves Key West 10:30 pm to return
Price includes beer,wine sodas and water and snacks
There are NO REFUNDS!!
Directions Tri Rail
for more information call Jimmy[masked]


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