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Crafting Object-Oriented code

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In this London Software Craftsmanship Community coding session, developers will work in pairs to solve a given code kata.

BUT WAIT! There are rules. Developers will be presented with a set of rules they need to stick to, driving their design towards object-orientation and crafted code. TDD is mandatory. At the end, a couple of pairs will present their code and we will discuss what we learned. Bring a laptop with your favourite tools installed. Suitable for any Object-Oriented language.

Some of the rules will be based on, but not limited to, Jeff Bay's essay titled "Object Calisthenics". Jeff's rules are: 1. Use only one level of indentation per method. 2. Don’t use the else keyword. 3. Wrap all primitives and strings. 4. Use only one dot per line. 5. Don’t abbreviate. 6. Keep all entities small. 7. Don’t use any classes with more than two instance variables. 8. Use first-class collections. 9. Don’t use any getters/setters/properties.

This session is a great way for practising your OO skills and sharing knowledge with other developers. Don't forget to bring your laptop. If you don't have one, you may be able to pair with someone else.

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