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We are a team of fun and friendly photographers. We love going on adventures in and around London, the UK and worldwide. We have been known to hit the road and travel in any direction that has photographic potential.


We hold workshops on all genres of photography and cater for all skill levels. There is a place for you here whether you shoot digital or film photography, have a pro dslr body, a mirrorless, bridge, compact camera or even a tablet or smartphone. We also run one-to-one sessions and private classes if you and your friends are interested in a more tailored offering.

In addition to shooting in our beautiful and eclectic city of London, our regular workshops include days out and weekends away in the UK and Europe. We also run Photography Tours and Holidays in Asia and Central America.


Our professional and flexible Leadership Team has the expertise to cover all genres of photography including street, portrait, long exposure, studio, on and off camera flash lighting, night photography, macro, long exposure filter workshops, wildlife, landscape & urban landscape, painting with light, abstract, architecture, low light, Lightroom, Photoshop and more.


Our mission is to help our members have a chance to improve their photographic skills and techniques and explore their creative potential without breaking the bank. So whether you're just starting out, looking to learn something new or are an experienced pro, come hang out with us and share your passion! We are always happy to share our knowledge and experience.

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Alex, Jane & Team

Upcoming events (5+)

Abstract photography - Find your unique Creative Eye

Barbican Centre


Forget everything you know about photography and prepare to break the rules! Would you like to learn about the relationship between light and shadow, colour, shapes and texture and how they can interact to create some stunning imagery? Realism in photography is a natural thing. Abstract photography challenges your creativity and the imagination of the viewer because it is a means of depicting a visual image that has no immediate association with the object world. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Join us on this fun and challenging workshop where you will learn to look closer and deeper at your subjects, teaching you to slow down and take the less obvious shot. You will be set a number of exercises to help you create interesting abstract photos. We will provide you with a series of camera tips and techniques to try out. Prepare to start seeing the world entirely differently and more creatively! EXPERIENCE • all abilities most welcome! EQUIPMENT • any camera • any lens - a 50mm lens will be useful for this workshop if you have one • fully charged battery TRAVEL As usual check the TFL website for any issues that may delay your journey. If you're running late or can't see us call Alex on[masked] Can't make this event, join us on another!: https://www.meetup.com/londonphotographiciop/events/calendar Cover photos © London Photographic Ltd

Studio lighting - Shape with Light

TBA Bermondsey


What separates a great photographer from an average one is the ability to modify light. Having the skill to modify the light quality in your portraits results in better images. It gives you the ability to bring your creative vision to life so you’re creating, not taking an image. In this session we will go through some of the light shaping techniques such as: split, loop, butterfly, broad, short and Rembrandt lighting. There will be plenty of time for you to get hands on and practice your own setups. YOU WILL LEARN -Camera settings to expose in a studio -Shutter Sync Speed, Aperture, ISO -Temperature of light -Hard and soft lighting -High and low key lighting -Different types of light modifiers -Separating subject from background -Posing techniques EXPERIENCE LEVEL -Beginners with a basic knowledge of using you camera -Intermediates looking to refresh their skills PRIOR KNOWLEDGE HELPFUL: -Change the ISO -Shutter speed -Aperture -White balance -Turn off silent shutter/electronic shutter if you have a mirrorless camera EQUIPMENT: -Any camera with standard hot-shoe and manual functions -Any standard/kit lens; 17-55, 24-70 -A clean memory card and fully charged battery STUDIO LOCATION To be emailed to attendees after place has been acquired, location is close to London Bridge. JOURNEY DETAILS -Check the TFL website for any delays that may affect your journey. -Please contact Alex[masked] if you are delayed. You will be joined by members of London Photographic www.meetup.com/londonphotographic Can't make this meetup? Join us on another instead! https://www.meetup.com/LondonPhotographiciop/events/calendar/ Cover photos © London Photographic Ltd

Fabulous Street Photography assignments



Part of the art of street photography is to tell a story. In this workshop you'll learn how to tell a story and develop street photography skills. You'll be given some tips and then set a series of challenges to help build your confidence when shooting street photography. EXPERIENCE Complete beginners or those who would like a refresher. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: -Focus points for street photography -What aperture to use and why -How to get a good exposure every time -White balance -What shutter speeds are important -Black & white and why you need to think about colour -Understand the rules and break them -Candid or posed -How to approach people -The legalities EQUIPMENT: - any camera - any lens will do but you can use a long lens[masked] for candid shots or a standard 18-55 kit lens will do - Fully charged battery - Memory card - No tripod is necessary OTHER ESSENTIALS - A fun and experimental attitude! TRAVEL As usual check TFL website for any issues that may delay your journey. Alex[masked] Check out our other workshops and events: https://www.meetup.com/londonphotographiciop/events/calendar Cover photos © London Photographic Ltd

The Art of Creating a Visual Narrative

Pret a Manger


Reportage photography or visual narrative photography is the art of telling the story of an event or location through photographs. It is based on photojournalism and carried out properly, reportage photography will provide a comprehensive collection of photographs that will form a story of the subject. In tonight's challenge you will learn how to report and tell your story from beginning to end. You will then be given a brief and a series of exercises to help you tell the story. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN -How to create a visual narrative -What makes a good story and how to show it visually -How to tell a story with a series of photographic images -Improve your composition skills to create impactful images EXPERIENCE LEVEL - All levels welcome, no previous experience required! - From beginner to intermediate this workshop is ideal for everyone who would like to learn how to tell a story, something that can be helpful in all types of photography. EQUIPMENT -Any camera -Any lens – ideally a fast lens such as a 50mm JOURNEY DETAILS As usual check the TFL website for any interruptions that may delay your journey. For our other events www.meetup.com/londonphotographic/events/calendar Alex[masked] Gemma[masked]

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