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What we’re about

We're a group of music, food, and fun lovers.
We do acoustic jams, house concerts, and socials!
For musicians and foodies, toe tappers and singers!
Potlucks with a live musical twist!

Currently, We have events on

  1. Second Sundays Monthly! Locations rotate monthly between "The Rail" (aka Paul and Kori's), Jeanne M's(old-town Longmont), and the Wolf Den (Berthoud) from noon until 4pm. These are brunch-ish potlucks and an open jam + song circle.
    Primarily strings. Light drums cool, to compliment the jam.
    There is no official jam leadership, everyone gets to participate!
    Potluck "participation" optional but encouraged. Just come and eat and don't sweat it Or, bring something amazing.
    Musicians and music lovers welcome. You do not need to be a musician to come!
  2. Third Wednesday Supper Songs
    Third Wednesday evenings we gather at 7pm at Shelley's for a potluck and a house concert featuring different artists each month. We ask for a $10 to $20 donation to the artists, but if you can't afford it, we want you to come anyway. Bring a home made side if you can. If you can't, wine or beer or other to share. Every month except June.
  3. Occasional Rail Shows - usually Saturday Night House Concerts at P&Ks.
    Usually something pretty special during the colder months. One or two per year. 
    remember... "What happens at supper club, stays at supper club!"
    No money to the house or to anyone except the artist.
    For house concerts we usually ask for sliding scale donations ($10-$30) that go 100% directly to the band. For Supper Songs musicians will put out a tip jar and sell cds or other merch if they desire.
  4. Random other stuff! Join meetup to be invited to all the things, including member-only one-off events, parties, jams, etc!

Be Good in the Hood!
It should go without saying, but... we gotta say it :-)
We know just about everyone understands this stuff, but there are a couple specific requests we have....When visiting for wake-n-bake or supper songs, it is VERY IMPORTANT to be good in the hood! Be super respectful of neighbors, how you park, and helping us stay non-impactful to those who live nearby.

Rail on the River! Check out the photos here
and if you were there, please add your own!

Wake-n-Bake! Check out photos here
and add pics you've taken at out Second Sunday Wake-n-Bake events!

Trouble signing up? You MUST join meetup before you can join the group.
Still having trouble after joining meetup? email p r e n n i x -a-t- gmail
Some have better luck going to on their computer as opposed to the phone app..

Park politely (and within the law)
park at LEAST 5 feet from anyone's driveway or mailbox-area and 10 feet from fire hydrant. There is a bunch of parking on Stuart, super close.

Be Nice with the neighbors! - if you manage to draw the attention of a neighbor, be super nice! Even if for some reason they have something negative to say (like "don't park there" or "why did you park there?" OR WHATEVER!) 🙂 Do whatever it takes to make it so the contact doesn't escalate into something bad.

Specific Parking Requests for the Rail / 24th Ave events:

  1. Please do not park in front of the neighbor directly across the street or the neighbors on either side of them.
  2. Please park on Stuart where there is lots of space (not in front of someone's house) or on 24th PAST Stuart on the South side of the street. Please plan to walk a block. :-) If you need to drop instruments or food or whatever, that is fine. Leave your car running blocking MY driveway, run the stuff in, and go park. Same for Shelley's. DON'T PARK BY FIRE HYDRANT.

General parking info for ALL of our events:

  • most of our gatherings happen in someone's home in the neighborhood they live in every day - so park nice - this goes beyond what is legal! :-)
  • Try not to take the only spot in front of someone's house.
  • Park at LEAST 5 feet from the edge of someone's driveway or alley.
  • Pretend you are sneaking to the event and don't want to be noticed! :)

Also, if you want to go outside for a smoke or to make a call, hang out, get some air... etc, please use the BACK yard or whatever the host recommends. We want to be stealth. We don't want it to be obvious there is a gathering happening. Save the front for arriving and leaving.

We gotta be pro! It is super important we keep things good in the hood! :-)

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