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Speedlight Workshop 2nd Session

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Alex L.


Many of you may know Huy's work as he has been published in multiple magazines from Practical Photography to Eye Spy magazine where he recently had the cover spread. Huy is a portrait photography expert and with his attention to light, detail, composition and skill his portraits take on a new dimension. Lighting is key to Huy's work and if you haven't seen what he does take a look at or Huy is very talented in the use of Speedlites and all types of flash and what you can't learn from him just isn't worth knowing.

So if you're ready to get to grips with your Speedlite and you're looking to learn to use flash both on and off the camera this workshop is designed for you. It doesn't matter what brand of flash you use, you'll learn a lot from this session.

What you need:

You'll need to bring your flash, triggers and receivers and tripod if you have one. an umbrella and pen and paper to take notes. There should be spares of things going around on the day if you don't have one.

You should know how to put your camera into manual mode and change aperture and shutter speeds. Bring your manual if you're not sure.

In this session you will learn:

-how to expose for flash

-how to balance the flash and ambient

-softening the light, direction of the light

-adding a second light

This is a 2 and 1/4 hour session. Please check the website for directions and make sure you leave enough time to find us.

64-84 Chisenhale Road, E3 5QZ · London
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