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What we’re about

Dreams are a language of the soul. It is through dreams that our soul speaks to us. Speaking of our dreams bring forth clarity. Our soul is invigorated by truth. Soul loves Truth. Dreams require action. When we withhold our dreams and true desires, we lose our vitality. We become susceptible to what others expect of us - we lose ourselves in false little stories which imprison us. This group is a safe haven of support and encouragement. We listen to our dreams and aspirations and we make the firm decision to do something about it now - no matter if it is big or small. Let us free ourselves from the routine of everyday life. It does not have to be that way. Come expecting to be inspired. Life does not have to be about the mundane.

Lord Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles, Safe Passageway to Dreams, is our patron and friend. So too are Kuan Yin, the angels and archangels, animal spirit guides and countless loving light beings. May the dream drought that Humanity has suffered through eons be a dream of the past!



Lucid Dreaming is about a person being aware that he or she is dreaming while in the dream. When a person is dreaming while sleeping, he or she is in the alternate world that is created in his or her mind. Physical laws do not exist in the dream world. In other words, we can create our own fantasies that are definitely impossible in the real world.

In this group, we would:

  • share our dreaming experiences
  • seek inspiration to attempt lucid dreaming
  • discuss our lucid dreaming issues
  • meet each other that shares similar interests
  • play tabletop games that inspires lucid dreaming
  • share information about lucid dreaming
  • use apps that could induce lucid dreaming

This group is recommended for anyone interested in:

  • lucid dreaming
  • the game of Dixit
  • dream interpretation
  • psychic development

I first heard about lucid dreaming in year 2002, but I have forgotten about it until year 2012, when I came across "World Of Lucid Dreaming" created by Rebecca Turner.



When we are sleeping, some of our brain cells are still active. That is why we dream.

Dream is a creation of our imagination. It is not real.

Jiang Wei


Have you ever wonder if there is another world in our dreams?

I used to think how nice it would be to live in my dreams.

Anything can happen while we are dreaming. It is fun.

Have you ever dreamt that you can fly?

Zhi Qing