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What we’re about

Join, collaborate, & share, with fellow Wine Lover's near you for an enjoyable and relaxing social network of like minded individuals. Everyone is welcome, from new bouquet-sniffers to educated connoisseurs. It's our goal to end a year in this group having met new friends, found new wines and places, and learn from our fellow Wine Lover's. To attain this we all need to contribute initiative and participation in online discussions through the "Messages", regular events, and social discourse that the spirit of wine fosters. With such a diversity of people "like minded" is relative, so please help the organizer make this group your group.

Note, unlike some who ambiguously make it out that "it's on me", there is a minimal charge of $1 per event which helps pay the organizer "out of pocket" expenses that are charged by Meetup at a minimum of $144/year. If there is an "agenda" to sell as a "benefit" to the general wine lover audience, an event will detail that so you can determine whether it's the kind of event you wish to attend. Let's face it, we've been marketed the wine lifestyle, so let's go with it and enjoy!

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Come relax & enjoy with us!