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Welcome to Microsoft 365 UK (M365UK) User Group!
This user group organised by Chirag Patel (MVP, MCT) is for anyone interested in Microsoft 365 with a great focus on Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Microsoft Viva, OneDrive, Yammer, Microsoft Stream, Mobility, Security & Compliance and related technologies. If you work or have interest in the Microsoft 365 then this is the user group to attend and follow our events to improve collaboration, productivity, knowledge management and business solutions.
Join our group to keep posted about all the new meetings. Looking forward to have you as a member! \

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Upcoming events (2)

M365UK Microsoft Teams Premium and M365 Career Navigation Feb 2023

Link visible for attendees

Want to learn & see Microsoft Teams Premium in action and take control of your career?
Join us online for free on Microsoft Teams with our guest speakers Vesa Nopanen MVP (Finland), Miska Kytö (Finland) and Will Rowe (UK).

Agenda (UK Time):
16:00-16:10 - Welcome & Introductions

16:10-17:00 - Microsoft Teams Premium Explained - Vesa Nopanen & Miska Kytö
Join the session to learn what Teams Premium is, what you can do with it and why you should be using it. We will explain and also demo Teams Premium features that are available on the date. Teams Premium includes new capabilities for securing your meetings, content, add new features to webinars and managing events as well as helping users with meeting templates and intelligent features.

17:00-17:10 - Break

17:10-18:00 - The Rules For Your Career Have Changed: Have You? - Will Rowe
The world of Recruitment has changed.
The Rules for how you find a job have changed.
Have you changed with them?
Based on his 24 years of placing people in the Microsoft technology space, Will Rowe discusses how you can impact the most important career in the world: Yours.
This session is packed with information and tips, and he uses humour and an irreverent viewpoint to give you the tools to get a better job.
The session will show you:
-How to use LinkedIn properly
-How to 'game' the Job Boards to get found more easily
-How to cut out Recruiters
And so much more!
This session is fun, interactive and you won't want to miss it!

18:00 - Finish

Speaker Profiles:
Vesa Nopanen MVP, Principal Consultant, Sulava
Working on Metaverse and Future Work. The Metaverse is a Digital Fabric with AI, Digital Twins, Metaverse of Things, Microsoft Mesh, and other services & platforms in the cloud connecting digital and physical worlds and people together.
The Metaverse journey is on its early steps and Vesku is guiding you and your organization towards the future. He is extremely passionate about Metaverse, Mixed & Virtual Reality and how these technologies, with Microsoft Teams and Cloud, enable to change how people work together.
Vesku has 25+ years of experience in IT business on multiple industries, domains, and roles. He is also a futurist, active speaker, blogger, evangelist, and technology community member.
https://linktr.ee/vesanopanen , mymetaverseday.com (blog)

Miska Kytö, Consultant/Trainer, Sulava
Miska is interested in the future of work, and how we make work life better for everyone using the means of the Metaverse, VR/AR and other tools. He is passionate about tools like the Microsoft HoloLens, Microsoft Teams and Mixed Reality use cases of Business Applications.
linkedin.com/in/miskakyto , miskakyto.fi (blog)

Will Rowe, Director, MS Talent
Microsoft Recruiter to the Stars and Technical people. Will Rowe is (according to him) pretty much the UK's leading Microsoft Cloud Recruiter, with 24 years experience placing people in challenging Microsoft roles. He is the Founder of MS Talent, author of the #1 Amazon bestseller 'Evolve or Die - the New Rules for Your IT Career', host of the Careering Out of Control Podcast, and previously co-founded the Kent Azure Meetup. He has been referred to as a 'Celebrity Recruiter' and a 'Cheery Stalker' by 3 Microsoft MVPs, and 'The Job Father' by someone who owed him money. Will uses his experience of placing leading-edge technology specialists to provide career guidance and advice to people in the IT industry.
linkedin.com/in/willrowe , careeringoutofcontrol.com (blog)

M365UK AI and B2C in Microsoft Teams with Content AI Microsoft Syntex Mar 2023

Microsoft Reactor London

Want to learn all the latest in AI and B2C in Microsoft Teams with Microsoft Syntex?
Microsoft 365 UK user group (M365UK) welcomes you to join us in-person at Microsoft Reactor in London 🙌💜

18:00-18:15 - Meet & Greet
18:15-18:20 - Welcome & Introductions – Chirag Patel MVP MCT

18:20-19:00 - Introducing AI in to your Microsoft Teams workflows – Lee Ford MVP
AI usage is growing year on year, and with the introductions of real world, approachable tools such as DALL·E 2 and ChatGPT it is becoming more mainstream.
This session will cover how you can integrate AI tools such as these in your Teams workflows and applications and help empower your users with the help of AI. There will be APIs mentioned, there may be a bit of code, but this session is for anyone!

19:00-19:40 - Microsoft Teams B2C In A Session! - Tom Morgan MVP
Did you know there is interop support between Microsoft Teams meetings and Azure Communication Services?
Or, in English: "You can now do proper Business-to-Consumer (B2C) with Microsoft Teams and connect your customers with your staff via Teams".
In this session, Microsoft MVP and Teams Development Architect will show you how this works by building a customer-facing video experience that is web-based, fully branded and customisable, using a Microsoft Teams meeting for compliance and security. That's right: built from scratch live during the session! If you have customers and want them to talk to your representatives via video whilst keeping everyone inside Microsoft Teams - this is a must-attend session for service leads, architects, designers and developers.

19:40-20:10 - Break

20:10-20:50 - Supercharge your content processing with AI in Microsoft Syntex - Leon Armston MVP
There is so much going on in the content AI world with Microsoft Syntex bringing AI into the flow of work.
SharePoint Syntex as it was formerly known was traditionally mainly processing of documents - classification (identification) and extraction (metadata). Opening files and tagging them content - doing the work that nobody wants to do manually, has the capacity to do it at scale or accurately. Transforming organisation's content in knowledge.
Now since Microsoft Ignite in October 2022 there's so much other capabilities coming to Syntex including, e-signatures, translation, summarisation, advanced search, site archiving and backup etc.
In this session I will give an overview of Syntex, discuss & demo some real world use cases along with sharing my learnings. I will also discuss the roadmap and hope to be able to show you some of the new features.

20:50 Finish & SharePint!

Speaker Profile:
Lee Ford MVP, Solution Architect, Symity
Based in the UK, I am a Microsoft MVP (M365 Development) specialising in Microsoft Teams. I also work with and embrace other technologies such as PowerShell, Power Platform, Azure and Microsoft 365. https://www.lee-ford.co.uk/

Tom Morgan MVP, Teams Development Architect
Tom has been blogging at https://thoughtstuff.co.uk for over a decade. He works as an independent Microsoft consultant, focused on developing solutions with Microsoft Teams, Bot Framework, Cognitive Services and Microsoft Graph. He lives in Norfolk in the UK, travelling internationally to speak about Microsoft Teams platform development, UCaaS, Office365, Bot Framework, Cognitive Services, and the future of the communications industry.

Leon Armston MVP, M365 Solutions Consultant at Intelogy
Leon is a M365 consultant & M365 Apps & Services MVP based in London UK and has been working with SharePoint (my first love!) for well over a decade. Now working over the whole stack of M365 and Azure. He enjoys seeing in the workplace how technology can drive improvement and efficiency.
Leon specialises in helping clients match the best tool for the job from the Microsoft technological swiss army knife. He works with Microsoft 365 with a big focus of SharePoint (document management, migrations, provisioning, automation, administration, Syntex), PowerShell (second love!), Power Platform and the Viva employee experience Platform.
Passionate about learning and sharing knowledge with others. I enjoy contributing to the PnP (Patterns & Practices) community especially PnP PowerShell. I also try and blog on my personal blog at leonarmston.com

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Viva Explorers Community Day (Manchester, UK)

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