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What we’re about

We are currently on a break and will return with our Meetups in April 2022!

• Machine Learning in Healthcare

Machine learning in healthcare is exciting! However, this type of research in Budapest is fragmented throughout the whole city, with many lonely researchers and developers working on their own. We are bringing an end to these research siloes. Thus, if you are actively working on a machine learning or machine learning based A.I. project in healthcare or medicine, we invite you to our events.

This meetup will become a sister meetup of machine learning in healthcare Berlin, a successfully running meetup in Berlin ( 
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Regularly, we will invite leading experts in the field to share their insights with us. Working in healthcare we all face similar challenges; we are establishing a Budapest machine learning community to provide professional support, a platform to share ideas and a fertile ground for collaborations.
As the Berlin meetup, it will be about artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare, bringing together corporates, startups and researchers in the area!

If you are interested in speaking, hosting or sponsoring our meetup, please contact the organizers through !  
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