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What we’re about

Unlike most meetup groups, this one does not specialize in any one activity. Rather, the aim is to serve as "one stop shopping" for a whole universe of opportunities to get out of the house, DO something that moves the body, brain, and/or soul, and, especially, meet interesting and active people from all walks of life. Examples could include anything from picnics, kayak outings on Lake Wingra, moderate bike rides, and nature walks in the Arboretum to potluck dinners, dancing, and local live music. 

As we are casual in our activities, anyone can suggest and run a volleyball game, pickup basketball, a snopwshoes hike or a picnic.  Contact me with a date and time and what folks should bring and we'll get it posted.  I'd also like to get volunteers (or recommendations) to teach the basics of sports and other activities.  For many, it has been years since they played CASUAL basketball, tennis, volleyball, or softball or they may NEVER have done these things. 

In that same light, we will be drastically reducing "Bar Time" to perhaps one "Meet and Greet" per month where we can also share suggestions and ideas of events to do.  There are lots of groups  for beer, wine and whatever so if you think drinking is an activity you should look there. 

So, whether you're new to Madison or a native simply looking to widen your horizons, whether you're single or in a relationship, whether you're old or young, this group will have something to offer!  We require you to use your real name (first name at least) and a current head shot photo of just you.  You can't be anonymous and social!!   With a current photo and proper name you'll be able to find your friends and, I hope this is few and far between, anyone who "misbehaves" can be immediately identified.

John is the nominal organizer, but he will depend heavily on both suggestions and assistance from the group's members in order to keep a full schedule of activities on the calendar.