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What we’re about

Madison, WI area independent game developers. Talk games, come to meetups, learn something new, be part of the community.

This is a group for those passionate about independent video game design and development.  If you are a software developer, game designer, artist, musician, QA tester, or a gamer looking to collaborate on the creation of new games, we'd love to hear from you. At our meetings, we can demonstrate working game concepts or chat about challenges and solutions that we've run across.

We also have a local Slack channel for area game developers, which you can sign up for here: 

Please see our Facebook group for other ongoing discussions:

We have some basic ground rules for this group (listed below), and we hope everyone will find some value in being part of our community!

• Be respectful and positive.

• We absolutely do not tolerate racism, bigotry, white supremacy, or discrimination of any form. Our first priority is making this a welcoming place where people of all colors, creeds, sexual orientations, and genders will feel welcome, and we won't tolerate any language that makes people in these groups feel threatened (If you see any violations of this rule, please get in touch with the admins of this group.)