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Major Taylor Cycling Club of Dayton is an organization whose purpose is to promote cycling to novice, intermediate, and advanced riders, focusing on skill development, safety, physical fitness, and training.

Please note many of our club members are not on the meet up site; so regardless of the number you see coming there will be others to ride with you on all posted rides. We welcome each of you to any of our rides. Please read the ride descriptions and join the ride that best fits your pace and cycling objectives.

We look forward to riding with you soon!

Upcoming events (4+)

Monday Novice/Beginner Ride from Riverscape, at 6pm (12 to 18 miles at C/D pace)

This ride will meet at Riverscape (237 E. Monument Dayton, Ohio 45402) under the Umbrella near the stage. Riders are asked to be at the location by 6:00 pm to sign in and prep your bike. We will leave Riverscape at 6:10pm. This beginner ride will be a moderate pace (9-12 mph) and is primarily for new members who are not familiar with group riding or who have returned to riding after a long break. However, anyone who is interested in a slow, leisurely ride is welcome to attend. We will generally target 12-15 miles and the distance will not exceed 18 miles round trip. The distance will be determined each week based on the attendees preferences and the route will be predominantly on the multi-use trails.

If ride are postponed/cancelled, it will be posted on the Club’s Meet–Up page by 5:00pm on the day of the ride. (Be sure to refresh the app as it doesn't always update cancellations).

Remember that helmets are required for all MTCCD rides. Lights are recommended.

MTCCD Tuesday Night Riverscape Ride 20 to 30 miles at B/C pace (Two Groups)

There will be two groups. The B pace group (15 - 18 mph avg.) with a distance of 25 - 30 miles will be led by Brad/Kendell/Cedric. The ride will be primarily on the road with some bike path. The route is generally dependent on the wind direction and will be determined at the time of the ride (multiple options). The C pace group (12 - 15 mph avg.) will be led by Alvin with a distance of 20 - 25 miles depending on the makeup of the group. The route will be determined at the time of the ride and may be a shorter version of the B group route. The C group will ride primarily on the bike path with some road mixed in as we move further into the season.

Both rides are no drop rides. Ride leaders of both groups will regroup at certain points of each ride. If you are unsure of the pace we suggest you may want to try the C group initially. You can then move to the B group if you feel you can go faster/longer.
Please note that in the event of rain/poor riding conditions the ride will be canceled and posted on meetup. Be certain to check meetup on the day of the ride if the weather looks questionable.

Wednesday Novice/Beginner Ride from Riverscape, 6pm (D pace)

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Meet at Riverscape under the white canopy (237 E. Monument Ave. Dayton, Ohio 45402). Please arrive by 6:00 pm to sign ride waiver, prep bikes and get ride information. Ride leaves at 6:10pm. Remember that helmets are REQUIRED for all MTCCD rides, and ights are recommended. This is a shorter ride (5-10 miles) at a slower pace (9-12 mph) and is primarily for new riders or those who are not familiar with group riding. Ride cancellations will be posted by 5:00 pm on the day of the scheduled ride.

Ride from Miamisburg (Rice Field) - Thursdays - 25 miles at B/C pace

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This ride is approximately 22 to 25 miles and does a loop through Germantown. It is primarily on the road (2 miles bikeway). There are generally two speed groups, but we have recently added a faster paced 3rd group that is a B+/A pace (18 - 22 mph avg). The C pace group (12 to 15 mph avg.) is led by Steve Joyce. The B pace group (15 to 18 mph avg.) is led by Alvin. The B+/A group is led by multiple riders (generally the same group each week). All groups ride the same route although, depending on the time, the C group may modify the route at the end which is 3 miles shorter. This ride, featuring members of the Major Taylor Cycling Club of Dayton (MTCCD) and the Dayton Cycling Club (DCC), welcomes guest riders familiar with traffic laws regarding bicycles. Riders under age 18 must be accompanied by responsible adults. Helmets are required. Also, with the days getting shorter, please bring lights if you have them.

Note: the average speeds start on the low end of the ranges early in the season and gradually increase as the season progresses (and we get in shape).

The group meets at TJ Chumps in Miamisburg after the ride for dinner and all are welcome.

Conditions: No Rain, dry roads, Temperatures 60-95°F, wind <20mph

In the event of rain, high winds > 20mph, temperatures <60 degrees or >95 degrees, the ride will be canceled.

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Annual Dale Stewart Memorial Ride/Social

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