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What we’re about

Major Taylor Cycling Club of Dayton is an organization whose purpose is to promote cycling to novice, intermediate, and advanced riders, focusing on skill development, safety, physical fitness, and training. The Club is named in honor of Marshall "Major" Taylor, an African American professional cyclist and the World Cycling Champion in 1888 among other awards and accolades.

Please note many of our club members are not on the meet up site; so regardless of the number you see coming there will be others to ride with you on all posted rides. We welcome each of you to any of our rides.  Please read the ride descriptions and join the ride that best fits your pace and cycling objectives.
We look forward to riding with you soon!

More about Marshall "Major" Taylor
Marshall "Major" Taylor was an African-American professional cyclist. Even by modern cycling standards, Taylor could be considered the greatest American sprinter of all time.
"Taylor's legacy lies in his willingness to challenge racial prejudice as an African American athlete in the white-dominated sport of cycling. He was also hailed as a sports hero in France and Australia. Taylor, who became a role model for other athletes facing racial prejudice and discrimination, was "the first great black celebrity athlete" and a pioneer in his efforts to challenge segregation in sports. He also paved the way for others facing similar circumstances. Taylor explained in his autobiography that he had no other African Americans to offer him advice and "therefore had to blaze my own trail."

In 2023, we are ALL Major Taylor, and still facing similar racial prejudices that he had the will to overcome more than 125 years ago.
We continue the legacy, so one day we will all, "Live Free, Live Well, and Ride Free"

Angela Jenkins
President, MTCCD

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