• EARL MCDANIEL: BIKE ACROSS AMERICA: Metroparks Adventure Speaker Series

    Wednesday, Feb. 27, Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark, Auditorium Earl McDaniel cycled 3642 miles in 38 days while traveling through parts of 18 states to cross the United States on bicycle. The trip allowed Earl and his father, who drove his support vehicle, to see the country on a personal level. Together they faced the challenges of maneuvering through city traffic, climbing mountains, getting lost, and having the support van totaled in a deer strike. Come experience how years of planning and training paid off on a trail from the California Science Museum to Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island on two wheels. Biker Bio: Earl McDaniel started cycling as a work commuter after Hurricane Katrina, finding a way to save money on gas and using his commutes for exercise. The former cross country and long distance track athlete from Earlham College soon found that cycling opened up more chances for exploration. Starting with using cycling to run errands, he found himself go further to find mail boxes. Building up mileage, he started a string of at-least-once-monthly century rides that is now over seven years long. Mixing in some multi-day trips in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, he trained to cross the United States by bicycle on his own route in September and October of 2018. He is third year member of the MetroParks Volunteer Patrol (MVP) program that patrols the local trails to help others. His cross country talk will focus on the 3,642 miles and 17 states covered in his trip across the continent.