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Ascension Daily Meditation 全球同步
Every afternoon 2:40~4:20pm. Connect Astana Command Meditation + Ascension Meditation + Goddess Swirling Meditation (3 times) + Ascended Enchantment + I am Pro Meditation + Khafre Pottery Goddess Code Meditation. 連接阿斯塔指揮部冥想+揚升冥想+女神漩渦冥想(3遍)+揚升諭令+我是臨在冥想+哈拉夫陶盤女神編碼冥想 Audio Guild in all Language: Audio Guild : Live stream: Global synchronized meditation on Sunday 9am (Greenwich 4:00pm). Use your mind to declare yourself to use this meditation to speed up the ascent of earth and all beings on earth. Audio Guild in all Language:

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This is a place for language exchange. Most of us speak Chinese. Some of us are learning Chinese. China has over eight old capitals.If you have slightly accent is OK to volunteer here, Beijingese do not speak standard Mandarin neighther.

Usually we look for our language practice partners and practice during our coffee and dinner times. You are welcome to bring questions, a notebook and a dictionary to our meetups. The schedule won't be decided until you've signed up to the event. The location will be selected depending on where the RSVP'd people are coming from.

A lot of us are native speakers, speaking Mandarin, Cantonese, Taishanese, Sichuanese, Shanghainese,Taiwanese… We are hardworking Chinese, and Chinese culture lovers located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We want to discover new restaurants, karaoke bars, fine art galleries, theaters, go bowling, play pool and games, discuss new technology, enjoy different cultures.... Let's rock the night!

We are the oldest Chinese Meetup group. For health information please join the groups below: (

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