What we're about

Blockhead | noun | block·​head | ˈbläk-ˌhed |, an enthusiast, entrepreneur, technology professional, business manager, investor, educator, activist, or other individuals that are real blockheads about Blockchain and cannot help themselves from finding use cases that will revolutionize business and society while constantly annoying: friends, co-workers, family, and life partners.

"Blockheads in Cincinnati" is designed to generate a community that will participate in the biggest revolution in technology since Internet Protocol. Our goal is to support the use of blockchain and distributed ledgers as a protocol for business as well as social needs with a balance of permissioned and private as well as permissionless and public, enterprise and cryptocurrency blockchain solutions.

As much as we love Blockchain it is a backend technology, if we want to realize the potential we need front-ends and middleware to make it work. So we are also interested in ways to:

• Get data into the blockchain,

• Use data and algorithms in cooperation with a blockchain,

• Create and integrate user and device interfaces,

• Sort out the non-deterministic issues in the middleware.

We also can't live on technology alone, so we need help understanding how to:

• Sell our projects and business cases to managers, investors, and colleagues.

• Find the business case that will be a winner, and zero in.

• Find ways to use blockchain-for-good to protect individuals and leverage the power of community.

Blockheads in Cincinnati - Meetup Format

Discuss at least one technical and one non-technical topic at each meeting with a panel Q&A led by a moderator.

Please Help!

If you would like to help keep this approach fresh and valuable, and make the meetup a success, please feel free to contact me - Ed Fullman.

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