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Our events are designed to enable positive personal and social change based on developing our universal human values. Although the events cover topics such as emotional intelligence, mindfulness and meditation, they don't stop with self-improvement. The goal of our events is to help you understand your place in the world around you, how your actions, thoughts and words impact others, and what you can do to improve our physical and emotional environment.

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Building Inner Strength - 16 Guidelines for Life 1&2 OCTOBER 2022

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Join us for this Two day retreat facilitated by Kitty D'Costa and Claudia van Zuiden. During this Two day retreat Kitty and Claudia will share with you Building Inner Strength - 16 Guidelines for Life.
The 12-hours, Building Inner Strength - 16 Guidelines for Life program offers a learning path to transformative change.
Kitty and Claudia are experienced facilitators and will deliver this course with great depth and joy.
This course could be for you if you feel that you want to take the next step in mindfulness in deepening your practice, or you are newly embarking on a path forward to become more mindful, or you want to become familiar with your thoughts and actions and learn how to change these in a more beneficial way.
The 16 Guidelines program provides a simple, robust and flexible framework for developing emotional resilience, empathy, compassion and transformative change, suitable for both educational curricula and for personal and professional development. If you’re seeking practical tools to bring about positive change in your life, this experiential course is for you.
You’ll explore the 16 Guidelines framework to deepen your experience in mindfulness and resilience, as an embodied practice. You’ll enhance your capacity for personal reflection, resulting in a greater sense of well-being, confidence, purpose and emotional resilience. Drawing on proven techniques from positive psychology, social justice practices, neuroscience and centuries-old Eastern philosophy, you’ll develop an ethical, holistic approach to self-improvement and cultural change.
This course is recognized by Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom, as part of their Training Pathway to become an Accredited 16 Guidelines Level 1 Facilitator. For more information about the 16 Guidelines program and a full list of all their accredited facilitators and other programs, please visit their website: www.compassionandwisdom.org
Increased emotional resilience by using a set of practical and transformative tools
Identify and apply your own embodied practice of mindful qualities in your personal and professional life
A greater capacity for insight and personal reflection and a greater sense of well-being, confidence and purpose
Integrate and apply mindfulness and other practical tools to the four wisdom themes of the 16 G: Mindful thought; mindful actions; mindful relationships; and mindful purpose and livelihood
Dates: Two Day Retreat 1 Oct - 2 Oct 2022
Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Cost: £ 180 pp

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