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What we’re about

This group was created to build a community of those looking to improve their relationships.

After years of coaching & deeply diving into my own subconscious beliefs, patterns, & wounds/trauma, I’ve learned firsthand that we begin to attract the relationships we desire most when we begin to heal & integrate the wounded parts within ourself first.

When we come back to our True Self & learn how to be with all parts of ourself, we show up vulnerably & authentically in our relationships, which is vital to any successful relationship. This is what it means to “become the love you’re seeking”. We must show up for ourselves & discover our own self-worth FIRST, rather than seeking it from others. We must get clear on who we are & what we truly desire in order to call in that higher love.

Main topics that will be discussed will range from childhood/ family dynamics, people-pleasing, co-dependency, attachment styles, boundaries, self-worth, self-love, self-care, self-soothing, somatics, emotional regulation/management, befriending your nervous system, breaking patterns, shadow-work, mind-body connection, reframing thoughts, mindset, radical responsibility.

My goal for this group is to uplift, support, encourage, & EMPOWER YOU! Provide a safe space for you to show up vulnerably & authentically. To be seen, heard, & understood. To provide you with the tools when you’re facing uncomfortable emotions & battling the inner critic/ voices of self-doubt. To mirror back to you your inner beauty, strength, & divine spark. To guide you back to your True Self (your divine essence).

I am an integrative coach, NLP & EFT practitioner, & licensed hypnotherapist. I enjoy bridging the gap between science & spirituality.

Look forward to connecting!