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MenFacilitate : How to Facilitate a Men's Group
Get a sneak peek inside a MenFacilitate workshop: WHY MEN'S GROUPS? When men have trouble they can isolate from other men and pretend everything’s ok, usually out of fear of being rejected, humiliated or abandoned. Men’s groups provide a space for men to explore what’s going on beneath the surface, experiment with who they've been, who they want to be and who they no longer need to be. Most people don't know how to handle anyone opening up and speaking their truth - let alone men, with all their stereotypical prejudices of 'cool, calm and collected'. There's a tendancy to try to 'fix' by saying things like: "you shouldn't be feeling like that" or "I know how you feel" - both cause the speaker to shut down or withdraw. MenSpeak's style of facilitating group discussion draws from a variety of inspirations, including Marshall Rosenberg's 'Non-Violent Communication', Voice Dialogue, and Noel Janis-Norton's work on parenting. It enables us to open things up rather than shutting them down, so everyone can be heard, get clear with their issues and live beyond them into an authentic, joyful life. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN During this full day introductory workshop you will experience a MenSpeak men's group and learn how to facilitate your own group, your own way. You’ll learn how to draw forth deeper discussion and respectfully respond from your centre, without judgment or influence. You’ll learn about group dynamics, body language and masculine psychology, time-keeping, setting up the room, holding the space and professional boundaries. The skills you’ll learn have a far broader reach than just men’s groups. You can apply them anywhere: your home, workplace, community, educational, or professional group and meeting. The workshop isn't just Kenny talking at you. Most of it is very practical, and involves us having a men's group and then discussing how to handle the various issues that come up. You may even get a chance to run a small part of the group session---especially if it's not your first time on MenFacilitate. WHO'S IT FOR? You don't have to be a therapist, counsellor, coach or professional working with people to attend this training. You don't even have to be male! If you want to facilitate men's groups, conscious conversations, self-aware non-hierarchical gatherings, or personal and community development spaces, this is the workshop for you! This is a stand-alone core training, for which you'll receive a certificate of attendance. COST £150 £120 - concession £75 - if you're re-attending Concession bookings: change the amount to £120 on the payment page & show your concession card on the day. Having trouble paying? Watch this video: VENUE: The Pirate Castle 33 Oval Road, Camden Town, London, NW1 7EA PLEASE NOTE: A MenSpeak men's group is held the (Friday) night before this workshop. You may like to attend it to see what our men's groups are like. WHO IS KENNY MAMMARELLA-D'CRUZ? He's a men's life coach with over two decades worth of experience in facilitating groups. He was called "The Man Whisperer" in a 'Newsweek' book chapter about his men's groups. 'The Daily Express' called Kenny "coach, consultant and guru of all things men", and he was recently interviewed in a 'Sunday Times' Style magazine article about his MenSpeak men's groups and the lives they touch. Kenny's MenSpeak men's groups have been on Channel 4, BBC, ITV, SkyTV, Huffington Post TV, plus lots of local and online shows. He's a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, the Good Man Project, InsideMAN, Southbank's Being A Man festival, etc. Kenny won an award from The ManKind Project for his work with men. "I love what I do and I do what I love, which is sharing my tools, techniques and life tips so that others can take care of themselves and those they love, as they contribute to and receive from their communities and consciously come alive with who they really are."

The Pirate Castle (not a pub)

33 Oval Road, Gilbey's Wharf, NW1 7EA · Camden Town


What we're about

A men’s group is a group of men, sitting in a circle, hanging out and getting real.


We laugh, listen and grow together as we share our experiences, thoughts and feelings beyond our masks.

We respectfully challenge one another to be better, more authentic men, without telling each other what to do or how to be. There is no pressure and it’s fine to say "Pass” when it’s your turn to speak.

Life doesn't have to be bad to come to a men's group. We've been successfully growing - from the good, the bad and even the ugly - as individual men and as a community, since 2002.

Watch our 15 min demo of a two and a half hour men's group at Southbank's Being A Man Festival:


We are accepting, accountable and we want more out of life.

We acknowledge who we’ve been and we test drive who we want to be, taking the best of ourselves out into the world.


We are not a therapy group, nor an encounter group, nor a w*nk group or a place to pick up men for sex, nor a group against men or women, nor a religious or political group, we're free and unaffiliated.

Every MenSpeak men's group is different, depending on what the men present bring to, and ask of it.


Please read the Ground Rules before attending a group. If you'd like to add, remove or change any of the ground rules before we begin, there will be a space to raise this before we begin.



. Want to facilitate your own men's groups, understand and communicate better with men, or pick up the tools to hold your own conscious conversations? Click here to find out more about our MenFacilitate trainings ( and to download enough to get you going, facilitating your first men's group!



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(Monthly, over six month terms, renewable for years).

Closed group men have the space to get to know one-another very well, with no comings and goings, no time spent on introductions and getting-to-know (and trust) you.

Closed group men support each other's journeys through times of breakdown, breakthrough, change and celebration, as things fall apart, then fall together anew.

Closed group men stay in touch between our monthly time together through WotsApp / Signal, personal contact and organised meals, walks, trips away, etc.

Closed group men attend MenSpeak open and online groups at a discount, enjoy priority booking to events with limited slots, or limited to more practised men.

Trial a closed group in June and December 2018. Each of the five monthly closed groups has a very individual identity and limited space, so tell me if you're interested in a trial and I'll suggest which group/s may be a good fit. (Our next six month terms begin in July 2018 and January 2019).


Disclaimer: All activities are undertaken entirely at the participant's own risk. No responsibility will be taken and no compensation discussed for loss or injury. By taking part, each participant accepts full responsibility for his own safety and well-being. (If in doubt, please seek professional advice before participating). May the force be with you!

© Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz “The Man Whisperer” (Newsweek)

Feel free to copy, distribute and use my resources (inc. the Ground Rules, Check-in Rounds, videos, etc.) referencing Kenny Mammarella-D'Cruz "The Man Whisperer" as the source.

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