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Classes, Workshops, Lectures, Retreats, Spirit Faires, and more. From beginning topics to advanced, MetaStudies brings you the world of healing, paranormal, metaphysics, spirituality, and esoteric. Personal change and growth, to deep, advanced practices, MetaStudies has been holding and sponsoring the best and highest of learning and experiencing opportunities.

We keep our gatherings friendly, and fun as well as deeply serious. Everyone who seeks to "know thyself" and expand their consciousness is welcome.

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What Your Spirit Wants YOU to KNOW Anita Burns Channeling Johar and Simon

Hemet Center for Spiritual Living


What Your Soul Wants YOU to KNOW
Anita Burns Channels Light-beings, Johar and Simon
June 17, 1-3pm
Center for Spiritual Living, Hemet, CA
40450 Stetson Ave #111 · Hemet, CA

Anita Burns, a complete trace channel will bring deep and personal messages and guidance from Light-Beings, Johar and Simon. They will guide you in questions about your best and highest path to spiritual awareness, balancing "life"with connecting to your divine self, understanding your soul age, what you are here to "do," learn, or understand. And anything else that your soul wants you to know about your happiness, well-being, and path to joy.

Johar and Simon are infinite beings of wisdom, always speak truth, and have incredible presence. They effect people in profound ways. With humor and compassion, they throw open the curtain between the worlds and invite you into the wisdom of the universe.


"Thank you .By just thinking about the Reading from Johar & Simon, I can feel the energy coming through beautifully and therapeutically. Simon's voice really touches my inner heart. Johar & Simon Readings, and the recordings helped me heal tremendously in a way none other that I know of can or could have. I'm most grateful for your time and efforts. Thank you very much." -- Charles

"Messages from Johar and Simon are provocative and give me food for thought. They open me up to possibilities and acceptance as well as understanding. I am thankful that you had the desire to be a vessel for such transmissions and that Johar responded. I am also thankful that I was led to you so that I may grow and learn and find comfort in who I am. Thank you again." -- Cathy


Light Beings,Johar and Simon, Speak through Anita Burns, while she is in complete trance, to give you clear and powerful, straight talk guidance, uplifting, healing, empowering messages, and divine love for your "authentic" self, who is connected to the great, divine collective.

Their advice is always clear and practical for moving through the material world with your spiritual self guided by Divine flow.

.... Our sole purpose in existing is to help those on your planet to continue your growth toward enlightenment, and blissful union with source. We have no bodies and do not act as individual consciousness, even when channeling through a human under the names of Johar and Simon. We are always connected to the whole. We are a “community” of One.
How does this relate to your life? What does all this mean to you? You are a part of a greater whole, not just the greater spiritual universe, but a spark of a group consciousness that fractured when you first entered into physical life and is learning through experience, lifetime after lifetime, to awaken and become spiritually self-aware so that you may join again as a whole.
When you begin to expand your spiritual consciousness and awaken to connect with your source, you will shed all of the miseries, loneliness, fears, and limiting emotional attachments that keep you so imprisoned in your world of sorrows and temporary joys. You can be a being of light, joy, happiness, and wonderment.
You can learn to use the subtle energies that surround and penetrate you for healing, clarity, and freedom. You can experience love, oneness, comfort, and empowerment. But first, you must learn how shed, one step at a time, the chains that bind you to your own sorrow, misery, and fear.

$40. Purchase tickets:

Bask in the SUMMER of LIGHT - Spirit and Healing Fest

Hemet Center for Spiritual Living

July 22, 2023 - Hemet Center of Spiritual Living, Hemet, CA

No entrance fee

Church provides a Canteen for delicious and affordable lunch

Amazing VENDORS: - Essential Oil, Divine Nature Products, Jewelry,Crystals, Hand-made soaps, Unique clothing, Candles, and Stroopwafels WAFFLES, made FRESH!

Skilled and respected Readers!

Psychics, Intuitives, Mediums/Channels, Crystal Readings,Tarot and Card Readers, Crystal Ball, Palmistry, Guides, Angels, Handwriting analysis, Psychometry, Channeling, Energy Healers, Pet Readings, Workshops, and So much MORE!

  • Your Questions Answered
  • Life Puzzles Resolved
  • Guidance from the Angels, Guides, and Spiritual Masters
  • Conversations with loved ones on the 'other side'
  • Treat your body to a Spiritual Healing and Transforming "Spa"
  • Vibrational Energy, Tarot Cards, Palm Readings, Toy Readings, Crystal Ball, Messages from Art, and other wonderful and magical treats. Discover Past Lives, the mysteries of YOU revealed and discovered.

Lectures and Workshops from amazing folk.


Come and give your body, mind, and soul a Truly heavenly experience!

Attend Anita Burns' Channeling Session at the Fair where she gives messages from Light-beings Johar and Simon to answer your questions and gives guidance on what your spirit , angels, and guides, and your authentic, spiritual self want YOU to know right now!


Conversations with Spirits - Mediumship Training

31775 Emerald Dr


AUGUST 12/13 - 11am-4pm
Hosted by Tina Foran and Anita Burns - Temecula, CA
Tina Foran's Home, 31775 Emerald, Dr. Winchester, CA
$225 - All materials and LUNCH are provided.

Well-known TV producer, Medium, Paranormal Investigator and author, Victoria Gross will host a 2-day training on how to become a clear, empowered, amazing Medium. Overcome any doubt and hurdles and know how to crack open the door to the other side in a safe and clear way. Victoria reveals the fascinating and surprising history and evolution of mediumship and how, in its heyday, fraud ran rampant. As with many things, knowledge is vital, but practice is utmost in developing paranormal skills. In this training, you receive both.

Also you will learn about the fascinating and surprising history and evolution of mediumship that started with—of all things—a fraud. She will clear up confusions many have about the different kinds of Mediumship—yes there are more than one way to talk to spirits and several approaches to Mediumship.

--Why do spirits sometimes not talk to us but at other times we can’t get them to stop talking?
--How do spirits cross the veil to communicate with us? There’s a method to the mystery.
**--Get clarity and answers to the questions: •**What exactly is a Séance? •Is it the same as a Spirit Circle? •How do you conduct a successful Séance or Spirit Circle? **•**What are some of the tools to ensure clear transmission? • Do spirits really talk to us over our cell phones, televisions, radios?
--Want to become a Paranormal Investigator—a Ghost Buster? Learn to use the tricks of the trade, and know the ups and downs, and ins and outs.
**--Ghosts or Spirits? •**What’s the difference? **•**Is a ghost haunting a building or a house the same as the loved ones who watch over us? •Why do some spirits easily go into the light and others lose their way?
--Dangers: Heard that Mediumship is dangerous and drains you of energy? •Is this true? •If there are less than pure-light sources of love on the other side, how can you be sure you’re safe? •It’s important to connect to the other side armed with your safety tools.

Victoria will lead you through exercises, practice, and successful connections and communication with the spirits. Her expert guidance will ease you into Mediumship in a safe and amazing way.

Victoria has been a practicing clairvoyant and medium since 1987. She has an extensive background in Tarot, Palmistry, Mediumship, Crystal-Gazing (Scrying), and Psychometry. She is a dynamite Paranormal Investigator and has authored the well-received Ghosts of Orange County.

Victoria was Lead Story Producer for the Bio specials and first season of My Ghost Story. In 2015, she Lead Story Producer for Casefiles Unknown on the Destination America Channel. In 2001, Victoria created the North Orange County Tarot Society.

Here is a sampling of Victoria’s guest appearances on YouTube:
Her FaceBook is:

If you want to learn Mediumship, learn from the BEST. If I was just starting out in the Paranormal world, I would choose Victoria as my teacher.

Purchase your Tickets at: https://metastudies.com/store-2/?model_number=CASMT8-12-13-23

$225 includes all materials and lunch