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Astrology Study and Practice - Let's explore Astrology Secrets

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Astrology LEARNING, Study, and PRACTICE

March 7, 2021 - 1-3:30pm

***This is an ONLINE ZOOM Event***


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Past life readings are popular, but how do you know they are accurate? Hypnosis regressions are sometimes expensive but often we doubt whether we "just made it all up."

Astrology is a window to our past, present, and future. If you know where to look, you can find out a lot about your most influential previous life and much about your karma and present life plan of action.

Hint: It is NOT just about your 12th house as many say. We look at several things in a horoscope to see into the past.

NOTE: This is not an astrology class for beginners. You need to understand the basics of houses, planets, signs, aspects, etc. to get the most from your experience. If you don't have your astrology chart, let me know your birth time, place, and date and I will set up your chart for the meeting. [masked].

Anita learned astrology as a child and has continued her studies and research for over 40 years. Anita is the former astrologer for KFROG radio. and for themessenger.com.

Anita has taught and lectured on Astrology throughout the world including, England, Egypt, Greece, France, and Amsterdam, and currently teaches and lectures privately, and in spiritually-minded establishments and organizations.

Your Soul Ages, Rays in Essence, Past Lives… You are the light the world needs.

Hemet Center for Spiritual Living


The world feels like it’s in utter chaos. Why can’t reasonable people agree or agree to disagree without nearly everything turning into a kindergarten sandbox fight…or worse?

Why do so many people around you seem to be entrenched in beliefs that you know are false or ridiculous? Q Anon, Proud Boys, White Supremacy, Racism, Greed for money and power. Why is this happening?

On the other hand, there is a flip side that is demand equal rights, justice, and a world that is safe to live in. Clash of the Titans? Not exactly but there is an answer it’s complicated and involves an intricate tapestry of, among other things, astrology, soul ages, soul rays, and karma.

Anita Burns will reveal the simple map of soul rays and ages and talk about how this is fueling much of the craziness in the world.

AND…she will reveal how YOU are most likely the best hope for the future of the earth through personal spot readings on your soul age, ray, and a glimpse into a significant past life that can guide you on how to navigate the choppy waters that include extremism on top of a nasty pandemic.

NOTE: Depending on how many are in attendance. Anita may, not be able to read for you at the event.

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