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Classes, Workshops, Lectures, Retreats, Spirit Faires, and more. From beginning topics to advanced, MetaStudies brings you the world of healing, paranormal, metaphysics, spirituality, and esoteric. Personal change and growth, to deep, advanced practices, MetaStudies has been holding and sponsoring the best and highest of learning and experiencing opportunities.

We keep our gatherings friendly, and fun as well as deeply serious. Everyone who seeks to "know thyself" and expand their consciousness is welcome.

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Ghosts in the Depot - Thrills and Chills Haunted Adventure

Train Depot Museum


WHEN: Saturday, January 18,[masked]pm WHERE: San Bernardino Historical Society Train Depot Museum 1170 W 3rd Street, San Bernardino, CA 92410 WHY: It's an incredible, awesome, mind-blowing experience Tickets just $40 (over 18, please) For the experience of a lifetime, in an exciting, safe, and protected environment, join us for GHOSTS IN THE DEPOT Want a thrilling, jaw-dropping experience in a haunted place that hasn't been overrun with investigators in the past? Don't miss this! See the evidence with your own eyes, hear the spirits talk, and feel the tingle and chills of spirits haunting the Old Depot Museum in historic, San Bernardino. * Talk with the spirits! Listen to the spirits. * Ask questions, catch the spirits in action. * Learn about how an investigation in hot spots works. • Capture real evidence with your own recorders, cameras, and phones. • Be in on a LIVE investigation with REAL professionals. * Join in and ask questions on the state-of-the-art EVP device. • BE prepared to be amazed! We are so lucky to hold this event at the historic, AMAZING, Train Depot Museum, built in 1918. The spirits feel at home there with all the incredible cars, wagons, train models, vintage photos, and a bazillion wonders on display. PROFESSIONAL INVESTIGATOR, Nichole Bucher is loaded with state-of-the-art equipment and ready for action. She will set up her sophisticated sensing devices to see, hear, and record the spirits in the building. Nicole: hemetghosthunters.com ASTONISHINGLY GIFTED SPIRIT MEDIUM, Brandie Kae opens up her senses to full expanse to take you on a walk around the hot spots, so you can get to know the spirits and hear their tales—AND WHAT TALES THERE ARE! Brandie: spiritjewelwisdom.com ____________________________________________________________________________________ January 18, 2020 - 7-9pm - Train Depot Museum - 1170 W 3rd ST. San Bernardino, CA 92410 $40 prepaid - The Registration Is Non-Refundable After January 10th To Register, call Allen or Anita Burns -[masked] or register online: CC - https://metastudies.com/content/store-2/?model_number=gitd11820 Sponsored by Anita Burns and Tina Foran - Cloud 9 Events

Essential Oils - 2 Ways: Feel Better Naturally & Enrich Spiritual Practice

ESSENTIAL OILS 2 WAYS January 25, 2020 NORA PRITCHARD Part 1: Feel Better Naturally - 11am-12:30 pm: $25 Part 2: Enrich and Amplify Spiritual Practices - 1pm - 2:30 pm: $25 Attend BOTH for $40 - a $10 Discount Sponsored by Tina Foran and Anita Burns of Cloud 9 Events _________________________________________________________ Part 1: Feel Better Naturally - 11am-12:30 pm: $25 Part 2: Enrich and Amplify Spiritual Practices - 1pm - 2:30 pm: $25 Attend BOTH for $40 - a $10 Discount PREPAY REQUIRED Online:https://metastudies.com/content/store-2/?model_number=TIEOW or call[masked] Phone:[masked] (Allen Burns) RSVP through Meetup to let us know your are coming, but payment must be completed by October 11 at 1pm. _______________________________________________________ ESSENTIAL OILS PART 1 – Feel Better Naturally January 25, 2020 - 11am-12:30pm $25, prepaid – All materials included (SEE PAYMENT LINK ABOVE) Hands on – Take Home Your Special Blend What if you could learn natural ways to feel better AND take home a topical applicator that you can use immediately? Join us to learn about and how to use essential oils. Then the fun begins with a hands-on workshop where you make your own special blend to take home with you—and receive specific instructions on its use. Essential oils—extracted from plants, medicinal use goes back centuries. Nora will show you how to use them, discuss what oils do what, and how they work. Nora will discuss how quality and purity of the oils makes a big difference in how they work. And she will go over safety issues and side effects, i.e. allergic reactions, and such. _____________________________________________________ ESSENTIAL OILS, PART 2 – Enrich and Amplify Spiritual Practices January 25 - 1pm – 2:30pm Hands on – Take Home Your Special Blend $25 Prepaid – All materials included. (SEE PAYMENT LINK ABOVE) Essentials for a healthy body and mind are amazing I themselves, but they can do so much more. Nora will show you how an ancient art using fresh plant fragrances can be made more powerful using modern essential oils. Enhance, amplify, empower, expand, clarify, and enrich your connection to divine mind, guides, angels, intuition, and more. Deepen your meditation and take it to a higher plane, balance chakras, clear your aura, and more. __________________________________________________________________________ *****EACH SESSION IS $25. PREPAY FOR BOTH AND SAVE $10-- $40 for both sessions prepaid***** ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED - TAKE HOME YOUR SPECIAL BLEND To Prepay online: https://metastudies.com/content/store-2/?model_number=TIEOW BY PHONE:[masked] or[masked] (Allen Burns) _________________________________________________________________________ THE LOCATION IS AT TINA FORAN'S HOME-- A GATED COMMUNITY. GIVE YOUR NAME AT THE GATE AND THAT YOU ARE THERE TO SEE TINA FORAN.

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