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Classes, Workshops, Lectures, Retreats, Spirit Faires, and more. From beginning topics to advanced, MetaStudies brings you the world of healing, paranormal, metaphysics, spirituality, and esoteric. Personal change and growth, to deep, advanced practices, MetaStudies has been holding and sponsoring the best and highest of learning and experiencing opportunities.

We keep our gatherings friendly, and fun as well as deeply serious. Everyone who seeks to "know thyself" and expand their consciousness is welcome.

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The Adventure Continues...Conversations with Spirits

Downtowne Book Store


If you were there for the EXCELLENT Ghost Hunters’ investigation in December at the Downtowne Bookstore in Riverside, you know how AWESOME it was. Join us now to talk with the spirits! Mediums Anita Burns and Karen Delgado will bring them through so they can tell their story and communicate with everyone there. The old Downtowne Bookstore next to the Mission Inn in Riverside is a trip to the magical feel of Hogwarts. The long, the narrow corridor to the old brick bookshop, built in 1927, feels incredible. This very haunted place was featured on ABC 7 Eyewitness News in 2010 as well as in the Press Enterprise, and NBC News in 2011 as a hot spot for paranormal activity. The spirits are there and love to communicate in this amazing place. Sometimes books slowly push off the shelves and fall to the ground, a child haunts the basement, and lights mysteriously turn off and on, people feel a touch on the hand or a stroke to their hair. Don’t miss this night! Talk with these spirits. They have quite a story to tell us. --Anita Burns and Karen Delgado contact the Spirits and bring their messages through. --Ask questions and get answers. --We will be recording but feel free to bring your own recording devices. --There may be physical phenomena-a touch, a weird light, a book with a message jumping out of the shelf? Who knows. --There was a fire there many decades ago and the spirits are still there and eager to talk. --All this in a safe and friendly atmosphere. EXPECT TO BE AMAZED!!! ANITA BURNS: Anita Burns was born seeing and talking with spirits. She has been doing this work for more than 50 years. She has conducted séances and given spirit messages in the U.S., England, France, Turkey, Amsterdam, Egypt, and Greece. KAREN DELGADO: Karen Delgado is a natural. Her easy communication with spirits bring deep and detailed messages. He has an inviting “light” that attracts the spirits who want to be heard. Downtowne Book Store - 3582 Main Street, Riverside, CA 92501 To Register, call Allen or Anita Burns -[masked] or register online: https://metastudies.com/content/?page_id=2350&model_number=CWS12319 18 AND OVER ONLY, PLEASE.

Spring Magic - Fallbrook Spirit & Healing Fair

Hilltop Center for Spiritual Living

Spring Magic Fallbrook Spirit and Healing Fair March 9, 10am-4pm Hilltop Center for Spiritual Living, 331 E. Elder St. Fallbrook, CA 92028 Psychic Readings, Healings, Transformation Techniques, Shopping Galore & Good Food, too! • Treat yourself to a Reading or Spiritual Help. • Talk with, the “other side” and receive messages from loved ones. • Be kind to your body with a healing or massage. • Have an amazing spirit portrait drawing done. • Understand your life, and how to avoid pitfalls. • Have a spiritual healing. • Receive answers and clear guidance. • Fun, Friends, Connection to like-minded folk. • Shop for unique, hand-crafted items and natural health and healing products. And so much more! Organized for the Center for Spiritual Living, Fallbrook by: MetaStudies Institute - Anita Burns - [masked] and Holistic Registry - Tina Foran - [masked] Also, see: https://www.meetup.com/rosewoodregionalwellness/events

Astrology Study and Practice - WHAT HAPPENED? Government Shutdown. Whoa!

Astrology LEARNING, Study, and PRACTICE WTF!!! What Happened?? Government Shutdown predicted in Astrology. March 17, 2019. 1-3:30pm $20 Cash or Credit Card To Prepay, call us at[masked]. Let's look at the handwriting on the wall! The longest shutdown in the history of our country is clearly shown in the planets. The heavy hitters Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune all colluded in this historic and difficult event. Why? Does this mean all the chaos in the world is pre-ordained? I think not but it would have been difficult for unenlightened minds to turn the tide from the "dark side" of the Force and use these energies differently. These same planetary configurations are in your personal chart, too. Let's look at them and discover how your life is handling this atomic bomb energy. How can you turn it to your advantage instead of being mowed under by the freight train?​ By now, these energies have changed and the planets have moved on. How did that change the tide in government and in your personal life? ============================= IMPORTANT: If you are an astrologer or a student of astrology, you are welcome to join us. If you want to join but know nothing of astrology, you might consider my home Study Course - thorough, affordable, personal. https://metastudies.com/content/?model_number=AST-B30 (scroll to the bottom for ordering individual lesson options) DON'T HAVE A CHART to bring to class? Email [masked] me with your birth time, place, and date so I can set up your chart and have it ready to go when you come to class. The closer you can get to the exact time, the better. But even if you can't get your birth time, there is a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and guidance you can read in your chart. ABOUT ANITA Anita learned astrology as a child and has continued her studies and research for over 40 years. Anita is the author of various articles on astrology and is the former astrologer for KFROG radio. She was the astrologer for themessenger.com until taking over the editor's position. She has lectured on radio, television, and AOL on a wide variety of astrological topics. Anita has taught and lectured on Astrology throughout the world including, England, Egypt, Greece, France, and Amsterdam, and currently teaches and lectures privately, and in spiritually-minded establishments and organizations. https://astrologycourse.wordpress.com - for my Astrology Blog

FIRE and THUNDER Drumming Circle - Healing Your Heart

Lake Perris Campground


NOTE: SINCE THE WEATHER HAS BEEN WETTER THAN USUAL WE HAVE RESERVED AN ALTERNATE "RAIN DATE" OF APRIL 6. IF YOU RESERVE FOR THIS AMAZING, AWESOME, POWERFUL EVENT, SAVE BOTH DATES! Fire and Thunder Drumming Circle—Healing Your Heart Amylynn Organized by Anita Burns and Tina Foran March 23, 2019, 1-4pm $30 prepaid, $40 at the Park Lake Perris Campground NOTE: We will be at the far end of the lake. Do NOT enter at the main gate. Directions will be given to RSVPs. ONLINE REGISTRATION: credit card = https://metastudies.com/content/?page_id=2205 PayPal = https://metastudies.com/content/?page_id=2201 OR CALL US:[masked] Payment is only refundable if the Meetup is canceled​. There's nothing like the raw, earthy power of drumming to transport us to a sublime state of oneness with Mother Earth and our spiritual self. Amy takes you through the power of Drumming for healing the heart and mind. She helps you release stuck energies, get clear on our true self, and set your body up for strength, healing, and vitality. Creativity is a part of growth, and the ancients say that the drum is closest to the Heartbeat of Mother Earth. Deep within each of us, the drum connects us to our inner self and shows us the way to the path of discovery and recovery. Drumming taps into your inner guide and connects you with the rhythms of the universe to bring out your creative, healing spirit. You may even have visions, healings, and inspirational experiences during this drumming experience. Let the beat carry you to the place where you can let go of anything that is less than for your highest good as you: --Learn how to express yourself using creative drum beats and sounds, bring an idea about something in your life that no longer serves you and use the drums and process to actively let go of the negative energy. --We will create a soundscape together, like a MUSICAL “fire” ceremony to help us release. --You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated with a better understanding of what is blocking your success. Come and let your heart shine through the drum. Drum and let the beats bring you out of your conscious mind, into our deep inner soul. The song of the drum is heart chant and it connects body, mind, and spirit in a unique way to the universe. YOU CAN BRING A DRUM OR USE ONE OF AMYLYNN'S. EITHER WAY, THIS IS GOING TO BE MORE THAN AWESOME!!! About Amylynn Amylynn Dimaano is a Board Certified Music Therapist and Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor. She has a private practice in Redlands, CA called H.O.P.E.: Helping Others Purposely Evolve. HOPE specializes in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) and also offers Wellness Empowerment Groups. Working with AmyLynn will support the journey of finding your best inner wisdom.

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