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Classes, Workshops, Lectures, Retreats, Spirit Faires, and more. From beginning topics to advanced, MetaStudies brings you the world of healing, paranormal, metaphysics, spirituality, and esoteric. Personal change and growth, to deep, advanced practices, MetaStudies has been holding and sponsoring the best and highest of learning and experiencing opportunities.

We keep our gatherings friendly, and fun as well as deeply serious. Everyone who seeks to "know thyself" and expand their consciousness is welcome.

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Whole Self, 1-Day Retreat --G0 Deep, Release, and Heal!

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## Whole Self, 1-Day Retreat!

Life has been hectic in the past few years. Things are changing all over the world. Uncertainty, unrest, and growing stress. Want to take a day for YOU? Want to let yourself relax, let go, enjoy, and rejuvenate in the best of beautiful energies? Be in the company of loving, like-minded people who are strong in spirit, heart, and loving heart?

This is where it’s all happening. Spend your day basking in spiritual exploration, learning, and experiencing the special gifts that those who will be making you their first priority for the day.

Four top practitioners in Body, Mind and Spirit will sit down with you to reveal how their amazing skills actually work for you. Interactive information and Q & A. Then you get to experience it for yourself! Each person will receive personalized attention and full experience!

Tina Foran—
Tuning Forks + Copper Pyramid = A Healing Experience
Time for a Tune Up and a Full-on vibrational experience with Tuning Forks and a high-energy resonant copper Pyramid for clearing, chakra balancing, energy cleansing, and more. Using intuitively selected tuning forks, Tina will align your charkas, adjust your vibrational frequency, and create balance to aid your body, mind, and spirit to resonate with the new energies on the planet.

Anita Burns—
The Power of Breath! Ancient Secrets for Health, Vitality, and Clear Mind, and Peace
According to ageless practices and scientific study, breathing patterns can empower, heal, and clear energy body/mind channels, improve sleep, increase mindfulness, possibly reduce blood pressure, increase lung function, enhance cognitive brain function, reduce cravings, strengthen body, mind, spirit connections. The good news is that it is pretty simple to learn, long-lasting, and benefits can come quickly!

Sherry Clark—
Frequencies For Your Life
So many healing systems…which one is best? Choosing which ones are genuine and what is best for you can be tough. But looking at the science, paying attention to results, and if the system has approval from reputable organizations gives you a clearer path to choosing.

Sherry will introduce the Healy, one of those amazing systems that have shown genuine results. It provides 144,000+ micro-frequencies and uses a Quantum Sensor to get real time feedback from your cells that can tailor a program to your individual needs.

Cleared by the FDA or effective, local relief of acute, chronic pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion. In the wider scope, Healy also has shown to be effective for the health of your Bioenergetic Field (Aura and energy body).

David Lintner—
Mental Alchemy
The Buddha said, “Our thoughts control our lives; we become what we think.”

Does your brain keep you awake when you want to sleep? Does it pull you into memories you’d rather not be reliving? Do your “buttons” get pushed even when you vow that you’re so over it?

Find out how to take charge of the “Lego blocks” your brain uses to think and make you feel. With a few tricks of mental alchemy, you can untangle the way your mind randomly throws you into unwanted territory.

Learn techniques to master much of the way your brain pulls you around like a temperamental monkey.
Enjoy a complimentary, fresh lunch buffet. We have your health and taste-buds in mind, but if you have special dietary requirements, you are also welcome bring your lunch.

This intimate retreat is limited, so reserve your spot now!

Date and Time: Sunday June 12, 2022, 11am to 4pm
Fee: $125

Location: Private Residence in Winchester, CA
Prepay only- Register at :https://buytickets.at/holisticregistry/701628

Join us for this transformational afternoon.

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