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MetaStudies Institute
MetaStudies Institute
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October 19, 2019 - 1-4pm -$40
Redlands Executive Suites
1255 W Colton Ave.

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Have you always felt you had a specific purpose for being here? You do but it might be different from what you think. Sometimes our mind doesn't completely grasp the magnitude or depth of our soul-purpose There is an ego-defined purpose and a soul defined purpose.

In this "mind-blowing" workshop you will discover the awesome truth about your soul purpose and its ET connection.

In a deep, guided journey, you will enter your secret and sacred soul garden—a place no one else can enter. There, the truth will be revealed to you about your unique soul purpose.

You will be awakened to the creation of the human race and the incredible story of how our DNA was designed and put into place, making you a true Star Person. This isn't a secret to everyone. Some ancient indigenous cultures have this knowledge but the rest of the world has chosen to ignore it and dismiss it as myth and ignorance.

Kathryn will reveal the wisdom in these beliefs and show you how your purpose is linked with the ancient knowledge, ETS, and the higher wisdom of the universe. She will bring forth the voice of STR141 to reveal vital information about your connection to the universe.

If you want to know the truth of your cosmic connection and your true soul purpose, this could be the most important workshop you will ever attend.

Kathryn Leeman, Ph.D. has been in the metaphysical community for over 40 years, practicing as a psychic and life coach to hundreds of people. She uses her psychic abilities, education in Transpersonal Psychology, and many years of training with shamans, medicine people, renowned teachers and healers worldwide​ to assist others in their life journey.

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