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The mission of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES) is to lead Colorado to an energy efficient and renewable energy economy through education, policy advancement, and economic development.

The Metro Denver chapter of CRES serves the greater Denver area. MDCRES works to increase awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. We host meetings and events to help members and the public connect with the ideas and people that make renewable energy and energy efficiency happen.

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https://www.cres-energy.org/metro-denver-mdcres/ (http://cres-energy.org/)

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr81EUb2qVJVfmmlJMxEHVw

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More Housing, Less Carbon

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How and where our urban systems evolve strongly determines our fossil fuel and carbon intensity. Our society is currently re-evaluating the urban planning paradigm of the last century. Renewable energy - and our climate - stands to benefit from this rethinking of our cities.

Building better homes and cities can accelerate the transition to a more sustainable energy economy through multiple pathways. That includes improved energy efficiency from realizing building code and building material improvements, fewer barriers to grid transmission, reduced demand for personal automotive mobility (ICE or EV), and a stronger tax base which can support the renewable transition. Building better cities parallels the approach of the Inflation Reduction Act, which accelerates build-out of green infrastructure to achieve our energy and environmental goals.

Author Bio:
Chris Miller is a mediocre but passionate hiker, biker, climber, and skier, and does a bit of photography along the way. Professionally, he is the Director of Data Science at GridCure, working with utilities and fleets to manage the renewable energy and electric vehicle transition.
He is a lead with and secretary of YIMBY Denver.

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