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What we’re about

Have you recently realized you're gay after a life of missing the clues? Have you always known but kept it stuffed deep down inside? Are you leaving a trail of bodies in your wake as you demolish your old life? Are you staying in a hetero marriage for your own valid reasons? Did Lesbian Tiktok awaken something in you that had lay dormant? Same, girl, same.
This is a group for women who are finding themselves in the unique situation of living a hetero life until they just couldn't stand it anymore.

(Newly bi/pan/trans and other members of the LGBT community are absolutely welcome! But female-identifying only please. Also, if you're a long-time lesbian/etc but have a desire to join, you're also welcome!)

***MEN: we've had an influx of men trying to join. While I appreciate that you may have also come out late in life, this space is not for you.***

NOTE: Hey all! In light of last night's shooting at a gay club in Colorado Springs, I've changed the settings of the group to be private. This is to protect the group somewhat by hiding the dates and times of our events. However, new members are very welcome!