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Have you recently realized you're gay after a life of missing the clues? Have you always known but kept it stuffed deep down inside? Are you leaving a trail of bodies in your wake as you demolish your old life? Are you staying in a hetero marriage for your own valid reasons? Did Lesbian Tiktok awaken something in you that had lay dormant? Same, girl, same.

This is a group for women who are finding themselves in the unique situation of living a hetero life until they just couldn't stand it anymore.

For the duration of the pandemic, we will meet up outside and in a manner that takes covid into consideration. However, future activities will include lots of coffee, occasional drinks, and lots of supportive, nonjudgmental conversations. Find your people!

(Newly bi/pan/trans and other members of the LGBT community are absolutely welcome!)

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Ashley Gavin Comedy Show

Needs a location

Note: this is for the 9:45pm show.

Want to join a bunch of hot, gay women at a comedy show? Of course you do! We're going to meet up at the upcoming Ashley Gavin show at Comedy Works. Here's a blurb about Ashley (Miss Gavin if you're nasty):

  • Queer Comedian Ashley Gavin, best known for her internationally top charting podcast “We’re Having Gay Sex” and extremely viral tiktok and Instagram videos (you’ve seen them, she destroys hecklers) is headlining Comedy Works Denver.

  • And from the Comedy Works website: Ashley is known for her confidence, social commentary and unrelenting energy on stage. She is the only angry lesbian beloved by all, including old, straight, white guys. If you don’t believe it, she was Carnival Cruise Line’s first openly gay comedian. She exploded on the internet this year by showcasing her rare ability to authentically engage and improvise with guests on her podcast and audience members while on stage.


So you want to come? With us, I mean? We're going to meet 45 minutes before the show so we can try to sit together and grab a drink/snack. It's general admission so here's hoping! Also, it's a 21+ show and tickets are $26. Note: there is also a 2-item minimum (but if you're worried about the cost, let me know).

Be sure to buy your ticket ASAP as I don't know how many spots are left. If I hear that it's sold out, I'll close RSVPs on here.

Let's Talk About Sex (...and Gay Dating and Heteronormative Mindsets), Baby!

As older-baby-gays, it's a confusing world: we've dated plenty in the past (maybe even been married once or twice), but gay dating is brand new and so different. There are so many intricacies that we are trying to figure but might not have anyone to ask.

Well, now you do! We might not have the answers already, but we can probably figure it out together and over coffee!

This will be kind of like a book club but without a book. Bring whatever questions have been eating away at you as a new gay: we'll discuss each of them in a judgement-free environment.

Here are some examples we can discuss:

  • How do you determine whether it's a "friendly connection" or a "sexual connection"?
  • How do you meet other gay women?
  • Is sleeping around still seen as slutty in Lesbian Land as it is in Straight Land?
  • How in the hell do you flirt with a woman?
  • What's the deal with women wanting to u-haul (or with you wanting to u-haul yourself)?
  • What has surprised you about dating women? Or reversely, what is the same about dating women as it was with men?
  • Do you have any fears or reservations about doing the gay sex?

As mentioned, we'll meet over coffee, discuss all of our questions, get everything figured out, and conquer the gay world. If it's a particularly large group, we'll split up to keep the groups smaller (and maybe quieter? No one wants to shout across a big table about strap-ons).

If you have to come late, leave early, etc., no worries! And yes, it's on Saturday this time!

Also, thank you to my therapist for recommending this. 😉

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