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We love the Mission!

We love dive bars!

We meet every third Friday.

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Mission Dive Bars 20th Anniversary party! January 2029

The 500 Club

Since the Mayan apocalypse came and left without the sky burning and people bleeding out of their ears, so disappointing, we might as well start planning for the future.

January 2029 will be the 20th anniversary of this club and if we are still around we should definitely get together and mark the occasion with whatever revelry our old broken down bodies can stand!

Money: If we are using money then I bet most dive bars will still be cash only. They may have a space scrip dispenser but it’s generally best to bring for barter what you are going to need.

Transportation: This is an alcohol fueled event so please don't drive. There will be automated flying robots provided

Photographs: I will take holo-photo's at this event with the intention of posting them on the psychic network for us to share and to promote the group. If you don't want your image used feel free to come to the event but wear your cloaking gear so my sensors aren't triggered.

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Getting looney at Clooney's

Clooney's Pub

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