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Tactical Range Shooting & Training - Newbies Welcome!
Are you tired of shooting stationary at paper targets? Experience the thrill of rapid fire, shooting from concealment, shooting from a kneeling position, and enjoy the rewarding "pling" sound from striking steel targets with Miami Shooting Club! Our team of NRA certified firearm instructors reserve the private tactical range at Trail Glades Shooting Range so that we can safely practice more realistic shooting scenarios. With our team of instructors, we're able to maintain about three students per instructor ratio - ensuring a smarter and safer training environment. If you've never shot before at a tactical range - you don't know what you're missing. You can spend years at a traditional, stand-in-one-postion, one shot a time, plain paper target, boring range - and the first time you shoot at a tactical range, you'll still be blown away! Shoot at steel targets like those you see in the TV show "Top Shot" - targets like the Dueling Tree, PT Hostage, and other Reactive Targets. Have you ever emptied your magazine in rapid fire? You'll do that with our tactical range experience! If you need to buy ammunition, eye protection, and/or ear protection, Trail Glades has a store available with a large selection at great rates. The fee is $39 a month with a one-time $97 registration fee. For first time members, the registration fee is collected at the range. For more information, contact us.

Trail Glades gun range

17601 SW 8th St · Miami, FL